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Everything You Wanted To Know About The End. Funeral Planning

Everything You Wanted to Know About THE END But Were Afraid to Ask

One of the reasons we chose a light-hearted title and cover image for our recent e-book is to shine some light on a topic many find uncomfortable talking about – funeral planning. No, it’s not a fun topic like vacation planning, but it is one worth discussing with a spouse, parent, grandparent or dear friend.

In this business, we get lots of questions about the process of a funeral, cremation, memorial and burial service. “What do these things even mean?” is a question that arises more than you might think. Therefore, we designed the e-book, Everything You Wanted to Know About THE END But Were Afraid to Ask, to get into the whens and hows pertaining to the subject of making a plan for the inevitable.

There are lots of things to consider and decisions to make when it comes to end of life planning. The “right” decisions, though, are the ones that are going to give you peace of mind for the rest of your days as well as a respectful send-off after you’ve passed.

For example, choosing between cremation and a traditional burial may have crossed your mind because you read something online about how cremation has become more popular with Americans. Actually, about 76% of New Hampshire residents now choose cremation, partly due to cost savings when comparing cremation versus traditional burial.

Cost considerations is a top topic our certified funeral pre-planning counselors discuss with folks just like you that are beginning to put a plan together for themselves or a loved one.  We chose to make cost one of the three main subjects in the new e-book.

Funeral Pricing

The cost of a funeral is made up of three separate cost elements: funeral home professional services, merchandise, and cash advances (which are payments the funeral home makes to a third party on your behalf). It’s a best practice to look at the breakdown of all three types of costs before you make a decision on where you want services to take place.


The e-book digs into the details of how planning can be a beneficial option for and your loved ones. There are several advantages to pre-planning your arrangements, one being that by planning ahead of time you ensure that your final wishes will be fulfilled. Having a plan for the inevitable also helps ease the burden your family will feel once you are gone. Likewise, if you are overseeing end-of-life planning for someone else, you can help ease your own burden.

Another advantage of planning is the financial benefit since, by paying in advance, your funeral will cost less now than it would in the future.

Planning is actually one of the best gifts you can leave your loved ones.

Funeral Planning Terms Explained

Before making big decisions, it’s also important to know exactly what your options are, such as what exactly does a memorial entail? Or, “What the heck is a green funeral?”

The latter actually encompasses more than just a funeral service. It involves every stage of burial or cremation and can include:

  • The choice not to be embalmed
  • Choosing a biodegradable urn or casket
  • Saying no to concrete grave vaults
  • And several more environmentally-friendly options

Hopefully, the information in this blog post has been enlightening and helps take some of the weight off your mind when it comes to thinking about funeral planning. We go into deeper detail in the free e-book, so please download it and read at your leisure.

Please remember, talking about death does not make us morbid people. Really, it means you are thoughtful and aware of the challenges your family will face once you’re gone — or the challenges you will face when your loved one is gone. We’ve had thousands of conversations with people just like you about where to begin with end-of-life planning, and our team is available to address your concerns and answer all of your questions about funeral pre-planning.

Here’s one more reminder: planning ahead for end-of-life services is the final gift you can bestow upon your family and friends.

Give the greatest gift to your family

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