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What some may consider unnecessary, we consider good sense and assurance for proper end-of-life care.

There are three very good reasons to pre-plan your final arrangements:

It ensures your wishes will be known by your survivors.

It eliminates financial uncertainty.

It provides peace of mind.

You don’t have to pre-pay to pre-plan or pre-arrange your funeral. However, pre-payment locks in pricing and can sometimes be a helpful financial planning tool for “spending down” an estate before a loved one enters a nursing home or assisted living facility to meet Medicaid eligibility.

Not only do we encourage everyone to discuss and write down their wishes, we can also help you plan for those wishes through a variety of events, resources and personal consultations. By pre-planning your final wishes, you are alleviating a great deal of stress from your loved ones while also ensuring that your wishes are being carried out. It is a selfless act of love to plan ahead.

My Story

Pre-planning can be done at any stage of life. Whether you’re deep into enjoying your golden years, in the early stages of planning for retirement, or just sending your children off to college, it’s never a bad idea to start thinking about your final wishes.

Retired couple

Meet Rose and Donald Stevenson

My wife Rose and I have been retired for over a decade now. We’re both in great health, and are very active in our children, and grandchildren’s lives. While we certainly don’t plan on slowing down just yet, we know we aren’t going to live forever. We recently started talking about our final wishes…

Pre-Planning - Phaneuf

Meet Julie and Nick Morris

9 years ago, my husband and I began planning for our retirement. Some of our plans were a bit far-fetched, while others were more practical. However, the one common theme that seemed to be present in all our discussions was our goal to minimize the existence of financial burdens in our golden years…

Teens kissing mom

Meet Hannah Kennedy

I’m a single mom, with two children. My son, Josh, is 14 years old, and my daughter, Ella, is 17 years old. My ex-husband and I split our parental duties right down the middle. However, though I think we do a pretty good job at co-parenting, at the end of the day, being a single mom can be extremely tough…

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