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Pre-Planning FAQ

What are the advantages of pre-planning a funeral?

There are three major advantages to planning your funeral in advance.

First, pre-planning a funeral ensures that all of your final wishes will be fulfilled. Because death is a difficult subject to discuss, often times your true wishes may not be known or fully understood by your family

Second, pre-planning can eliminate the financial burden that a funeral might pose on your survivors. And by prepaying, your funeral will cost less now than it would in the future.

Third, pre-planning provides you and your family with the peace-of-mind in knowing that everything has been “taken care of” in the manner you specified. It’s the best gift you can leave your loved ones.

Do I have to prepay for my funeral now?

No. Many people just want to have their final arrangements known in advance, even decide upon the type of ceremony and casket, without actually paying for these items. Getting your wishes down in writing is the most important thing. That way, there is no confusion about your intentions at the time of your death.

What payment options for funerals are available?

While most people pay for their funeral in one lump sum, you can also set up a payment plan that’s convenient for you. Alternatively, you can use the current value of your existing life insurance to pay for your funeral without ever having to cash in the policy.

What if I pass away while traveling?

If you enjoy travel, we offer a unique out-of-state extended service program. It guarantees that if you pass away anywhere in the world, your body will be shipped back to us at no additional cost to your family.

What happens if funeral prices increase?

By prepaying for your funeral arrangements, you can lock in your service at today’s lower price. Once your funeral is paid for, we guarantee, in writing, that the total price of our services and merchandise selected will never increase. This clearly makes pre-planning your funeral a financially wise decision. You should be aware, that not all funeral homes offer a “lock in” price guarantee.

Are my prepaid funeral funds secure?

Any funds we receive towards a prepaid funeral are placed into an Irrevocable Mortuary Trust account, in accordance with state law. This Trust is insured and the funds gain interest, which we maintain in the account to offset future price increases. We pay all taxes and administrative fees each year for you. No one can access these funds or cancel the Trust. By Federal and State law, the funds can only be used to perform the service you selected and withdrawn only at the time of death.

Should I compare different funeral homes?

If you have never dealt with a funeral home in the past, you may want to meet with several before you make your decision. All funeral homes in our area offer some sort of preplanning program and all are priced competitively. While price is an important consideration, it should not be the only one. You should also compare things such as the quality of the facilities, professionalism of the staff and their attention to your needs in offering a service that’s right for you. Experts agree that these factors will go a long way in assisting your family at a most difficult time. And isn’t that the reason why you wanted to preplan in the first place?

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