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Phaneuf Funeral Homes Community Speaker Bureau

As a community service, Phaneuf Funeral Homes provides speakers for educational presentations and workshops. Browse the topics below or contact us if you have a specific topic you’d like to hear more about.

If your hospice organization, nursing home or hospital staff, social services program, non-profit or civic association is interested in offering one of our free seminars or workshops to your group, fill out the form at right. Our workshops and seminars can be conducted either at your facility or in one of our five locations throughout New Hampshire.

Topics Include

  • Advanced funeral planning
  • Cremation options
  • Digital Assets
  • Veterans Benefits
  • State and Federal Laws
  • Grief and Bereavement topics

Speakers Include

Past Presentations

Planning Ahead

Questions and Answers About Funeral Planning
After 10 years, this is still our most popular seminar! In this talk, we answer all your questions about planning ahead for your arrangements or those of a loved one. Our upbeat and informative presentation will delve into pricing, payment options, Medicaid spend-down, and consumer rights when it comes to prearranging a funeral or cremation.

Understanding Cremation: Options, Prices and Laws
With cremation rates in NH over 70%, it’s time to learn the truth about cremation options, prices and laws – and dispel the lingering myths. Find out who can legally authorize a cremation and who can’t. Explore which religions accept cremation and which ones forbid it. And understand how State and Federal regulations affect the cost of cremation. This informative workshop, devoted exclusively to cremation topics, is not to be missed.

The “Bucket List” Seminar
Using the popular book, Make Your Own Bucket List, by Andrew Gall, this fun and interactive workshop allows people to come up with a personalized list of things to do, before it’s too late to do them. We will lead a guided exploration with attendees to focus on what they are passionate about and what they want to accomplish before they die. According to the author, “When you die might not be up to you, but … what you do beforehand will be.”

Veteran’s Benefits and Government Programs

Honoring Our Heroes: Information on Veterans Benefits
Navigating the bureaucracy and regulations affecting veteran’s burial and death benefits can be complicated and confusing. This workshop will simplify the process and explain the recognition and monetary benefits the VA provides to veterans and, in some cases, their family members. You will learn who qualifies for VA reimbursements of funeral and cremation expenses and what is involved and required to schedule military honors, obtaining a flag, and even requesting a Presidential Certificate for commemorating those that honorably served our country.

The Veterans Administration Cemetery System
What is the difference between a Federal and State Veterans Cemetery? Is burial in a veterans’ cemetery always free, and can veterans’ spouses be interred as well? Can you pre-register for burial in one of the 125 national cemeteries and dozens of state veteran cemeteries? Get answers to these and other important questions when we uncover the workings of the VA Cemetery System.

Welfare Assistance for Those in Need
Most people don’t realize that there are options at both the city and town level to cover most, if not all, of the costs of cremation for indigent people who pass away. Learn about our unique social services program to assist those in need and families with limited financial resources. This is an excellent workshop for welfare agencies and caregivers who deal with those in need on a regular basis.

Cultures, Customs and Traditions

The Catholic Funeral Rite Revisited
Can cremated remains be brought into a Catholic Church for a Mass? Will a priest conduct a funeral service in the funeral home? What is the Church’s stance on eulogies during a funeral, non-religious songs played during the service, and celebrating a Mass for those who have not been to church in years? You might be surprised to learn about some of the changes the Catholic Church has made in recent decades affecting the Rite of Catholic Funerals.

Faith Traditions: Exploring Religious Diversity in Funerals
New Hampshire has become a melting pot of culture, religions, and ethnic groups. Each culture brings its own, often unique, rites when a death occurs. Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish funeral ceremonies have been commonplace in our area for decades. But Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic ceremonies and others are now becoming just as common. Learn about the different religions and what is involved in planning and conducting funeral ceremonies for the growing number non-Judeo-Christian followers.

Celebrant Services— Creating Non-Traditional Ceremonies and Life Celebrations
Not every funeral or memorial service needs to have a religious ceremony attached to it. Non-religious, humanistic, and life celebration gatherings are now as popular as traditional religious services. To accommodate non -traditional requests, the role of the Celebrant has grown to become an integral part of what we offer families. Learn how our in-house Celebrants work with families to create meaningful, personalized and creative ceremonies and services.

Custom Programs

The Backstage Tour
Have you ever wondered what a crematory looks like and how it works? Are you curious about the embalming process? Have you ever been interested in what happens “behind the scenes” at a funeral home? This customized tour provides caregivers and others complete access to our facilities to become better educated on what goes on behind closed doors at New Hampshire’s largest family-owned funeral and cremation provider.

Creating Affinity Programs for Special Groups
We have worked with churches, non-profits, and for-profit businesses to develop special programs for members, employees and other groups to offer discounted funeral and cremation services and benefits. If your organization or company is interested in creating a benefits program to offer your constituents, give us a call. We can customize a special affinity program that makes sense and provides value.

Lunch and Learn Workshops
We regularly conduct small and personalized “Lunch and Learn” workshops to educate organizations and civic groups on topics including funeral and estate advanced planning. We can also create a program to fit your needs, either at one of our locations or your facility, at no charge. In either case, lunch is on us!