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Final Arrangement Checklist

In an effort to minimize the stress and effort involved in making funeral arrangements, we have created a complete list of everything that you will need for the deceased in order to start planning.

Full Legal Name

Date of Birth

Mother's First and Maiden Name

Name of Spouse

Legal Residence

Years of Education

Social Security Number

City and State of Birth


Military Discharge Papers (if applicable)

List of Surviving Relatives and Their Cities of Residence (for the obituary)

Recent Photograph

Insurance Papers (if used to pay for the funeral)

Pre-arrangement Funeral Data (if applicable)

Cemetery Deed (if applicable)

A Full complement of clothing (including undergarments, outer garments) if applicable

Any personal items to include in the casket (including jewelry, eye glasses etc.) if applicable

Personal items and special garments

Please note that if you are planning a cremation, a set of clothing is optional. If no special garments are provided, the deceased will be cremated in the clothes they were wearing at the time of death. If you plan to hold a viewing where personal items will be displayed, please remember to remove anything that you wish to save prior to cremation.

Final Arrangement Checklist - Phaneuf

Personal and Estate Settlement Services

This service is available for all families. Estate and identity theft prevention experts provide fast, convenient guidance with families through a range of post-death needs.

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