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This is about a remarkable life

Memorial diamonds are for an unforgettable connection in your life. Someone who deserves fireworks, a million floating lanterns, and their name written in the stars.

When these people leave us physically, we need a positive way to keep them close to us. Through the Eterneva and Phaneuf partnership, we help you celebrate your remarkable loved one by turning their hair or ashes into a memorial diamond.

Eterneva Memorial Diamonds Book
Eterneva Memorial Diamonds - Made from hair or ashes

It’s bright.

Memorial diamonds bring up positive emotions and memories.

There are many options for a memorial diamond

It’s personal.

Wearing their diamond allows you to take them with you through life.

Create a eternal connection with memorial diamonds

It’s forever.

Their memorial diamond will be passed down and their story kept alive.

“I’m a big believer in Eterneva. The technology is backed by rock-solid science. I’m such a fan that I decided to get my wife Eterneva diamonds for Christmas. I can’t say enough good things about Eterneva.”

— Mark Cuban

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Eternava: Changing the way we remember life