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Green Burials

As the only funeral home in New Hampshire and Vermont approved by the Green Burial Council™, we are proud to offer green burial services to those who are interested in a more sustainable practice.

Green burials forego using formaldehyde-based embalming fluids and opt for a biodegradable casket in place of metal or solid wood. Currently, we offer a variety of services, including appropriate body preparation and a willow-branch casket that complies with green cemetery regulations.

Please note that if you are considering a green funeral, you are not restricted to green cemeteries alone; as long as you adhere to certain legal regulations, you may conduct a green burial in a standard cemetery as well. We are happy to advise you on this matter if you are interested.

Much like with a standard burial, we are happy to personalize any part of the service for you and your family.

Willow casket

Free Green Burial E-book

If you want to know more about green burials, we have compiled what you need to know in our free Guide to Green Burials. Learn about this ancient practice and how it is gaining popularity in the 21st century.

Green Burial Guide