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Our 10-Step Cremation Process

Phaneuf offers exceptional support through the entire cremation process. In order to ensure the highest level of service, we have developed an easy-to-follow 10-Step Identification, Security and Control Cremation Process. We believe this process will help you and your family navigate the cremation procedure.

Five Pre-Cremation Steps

  1. Immediately upon arrival, your loved one will receive his or her unique ID medallion; this ensures proper documentation and follow-through for the entire process.
  2. The cremation container is then prepared and space is reserved in our secure refrigeration unit.
  3. Our powerful tracking system is then updated with your loved one’s unique information and all personal items are recorded.
  4. A thorough review is conducted by a medical examiner to make sure that nothing was missed, from the issuing of a death certificate to correct completion of records and forms.
  5. Immediately before the cremation, all records and forms are reviewed once again for accuracy and then relegated to our off-site storage facility where they are kept for 3 years.

Five Steps During and After Cremation

  1. Once cremation has begun, your loved one’s record will be updated with the exact time and date.
  2. All cremation remains are cooled and processed, with any pertinent details being recorded.
  3. Remains along with the identifying medallion are then placed into the urn you selected and are ready to be picked up at your earliest convenience. The urn receives an identifying number as well.
  4. Upon receipt, a family-designated representative will sign our two-part cremation certificate and both parties hold on to one of the parts.
  5. All information, from start to finish is carefully logged into our computer system and all documents are kept as a permanent record.

We have developed an end-of-life planning guide to help families answer important questions as they plan their final wishes.

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