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Hospice is not morbid

But many of us think of it that way

Hospice Guide - Preview

Hospice care is not gloom, doom and sad faces, with a patient bedridden in a dark room, slowly passing away. Hospice caregivers make it possible for patients to live lives of joy and meaning. Caregivers do their best to manage symptoms to help a patient enjoy their remaining time.

There are many misconceptions about hospice care (and palliative care), so we thought it was a great time to update an existing hospice resource with fresh information from some of New Hampshire and Vermont’s professional hospice organizations.

In this updated, comprehensive guide, find information about hospice care, such as:

  • When to contact hospice (Answer: Now!)
  • Differences between hospice care and palliative care
  • Services for veterans
  • Hospice care with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Directives and medical intervention
  • How hospice care serves all members of the family

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