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Paying for a Funeral

It is no secret that funeral expenses can be quite high; many individuals and families find themselves unprepared for the realities of paying for funeral services. In order to help you and your family prepare and ensure peace of mind, we have created a list of payment options that has been helpful to our clients in the past:

Cash, Credit or Personal Check

It is our goal to offer you the utmost convenience in making arrangements and as such we accept any standard payment method for services rendered. Please ask about payment plans, which may be available.


It is always an option to pre-pay for certain funeral arrangements at a time when you are comfortable making such an investment. Pre-payment guarantees that your wishes for a funeral service are fully carried out and, when the time comes, it will most certainly alleviate some stress from your family.

Life Insurance

You may use an existing life insurance policy to pay for a funeral. Please bring the policy information when you meet with one of our counselors and we will handle all the paperwork to claim this benefit on your behalf. Sometimes, family members may not know if their deceased loved one had existing life insurance. You can contact the New Hampshire Insurance Department to find out. Reach them by phone at (603) 271-2261 or by email at


There are many sources of crowdfunding out there nowadays. Although some people may have reservations about using this tool, it is important to remember that many family, friends and   loved ones wish to help alleviate your pain and suffering after a death occurs, and may not know of a way to do so—a crowd fund may give them just the option for which they were searching. is perhaps the best known of such sites, however there are several others that may merit a visit, including,, Treasured Memories Funding and

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