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Transfer Your Existing Arrangements

Pre-planning is important, but what if you or your loved one did your research, made plans and then had to move to another city or another state? Or the arrangements were made elsewhere and now that person has moved back to New Hampshire. What happens to those arrangements? Do they simply disappear? The short answer is no. We encourage pre-planning and part of that process is ensuring that our clients can rest easy in the knowledge that transferring arrangements is not only possible, it’s quite simple.

Whether you have moved down the block or across the country, we make transferring pre-paid arrangements easy. Just share your existing contract with us, explaining what has been purchased and how it has been funded and we can set up the transfer from there. In fact, the process can be handled over the phone, if this is a more convenient option for you.

In most cases, we’re able to honor your existing arrangements with little or no adjustment to the price you paid. After all, you have taken an important step in your end-of-life planning process and that is not something that should create unnecessary hassle. Trust us to make the transfer of arrangements quick and hassle-free. Call us to discuss your existing arrangements and what your package looks like once it transfers to Phaneuf.

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