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Planning for end-of-life services can be a challenging task, especially if it happens during an already difficult time. This is why – more and more – individuals and families are planning ahead. We offer a variety of services to assist you in planning arrangements ahead of time, so that your wishes can be carried out with minimal stress on the part of your loved ones.

You can find additional information the sections below, or you can request a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our pre-planning coordinators, who can work with you to answer questions and decide if pre-planning is right for you.

Service Offerings - Phaneuf

Planning for a Death

No matter how far away someone’s passing may be, there are many reasons to take the time to plan ahead.

Service Offerings - Phaneuf

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead allows us to choose our final wishes, and to ensure that they are honored at our end of life.

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Service Offerings - Phaneuf