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When do you make a plan for dying?

Burial? Memorial? Green funeral?!? What do these things even mean? - And how much does this cost?

Funerals, Cremation and Burial Services – Your Guide to Understanding Planning Options

We know that discussing the idea of your own death or the passing of a loved one can be depressing or even scary. This goal of this e-book is to make the subject of death more approachable. By defining end-of-life terms and options, our goal is to make the experience of an end-of-life service and the decisions that entails to be less stressful for and your family.

Giving you and your loved one’s peace of mind from making the right decisions for end-of-life plans is our premier goal.

In the e-book, you will find such subjects as:

PLANNING: This section looks at the different times of life when someone might begin planning for a death. The goal is to ease the burden for family members by making some important decisions before someone passes.

FUNERAL TERMS EXPLAINED: This section aims to shine light on all the service options available and what they entail. Memorial services, cremation, burial and green burial are some of the subjects within and we go in-depth to give you and your loved ones a better understanding in order to make important decisions.

PRICING: Transparency with pricing is very important to us -and likely to you, too – but we used this section to explain what different costs there may be depending on the service type you choose. This section also goes into detail on the various options you have for a funeral or memorial.

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