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Non-religious Funerals

Some families may choose a humanist funeral service as a way to honor their departed loved one. Humanist funerals are unique in that they do not align themselves with any religious organization or message, instead focusing on celebrating the life lived by the deceased.

It is important to note that although humanist funerals are designed to be non-denominational, they are not necessarily reserved for people with no religious beliefs; even if you have a religious affiliation, you may choose to hold a humanist service.

Although there is no set format for a humanist service, typically there are various expressions of both grief and celebration by family and friends. Some families choose to share poetry, music, personal letters or selected readings; in other cases, families opt to have a celebrant lead the service. In most humanist funerals, there is a section reserved for tribute—this is where family and friends may share memories or in some other way give tribute to the departed.

We at Phaneuf have years of experience in planning humanist funerals and even have an in-house celebrant who can work with you and your family to design a service that truly reflects the life and personality of your deceased loved one.

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