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Non-religious Funerals

A non-religious aka humanist funeral is more than just a farewell gathering, it’s a celebration of life

The process of organizing a non-religious aka humanist funeral isn’t much different from planning a traditional one. One realization that families often reach by the end of a humanist service is that it presents a comforting and personalized alternative to religious rites. Even those who consider themselves spiritual or have a religious affiliation may find that these ceremonies offer a unique, human-focused way to memorialize their loved one.

Humanist funerals, despite their non-religious and non-denominational nature, still follow a similar structure to that of traditional services. This gives these occasions an air of familiarity, while still allowing families the freedom to customize it to meet their needs and wishes. The service generally includes readings, music and eulogies that are carefully picked to reflect the life and personality of the person being remembered, without any mention of a deity or religious faith.

In the end, a humanist funeral focuses on the life lived, not the loss, and we take pride in helping families celebrate the beauty of human existence and individuality with a thoughtfully planned, moving and personal farewell ceremony.

Non-religious Funerals - Phaneuf

Our in-house celebrant

If you decide on a humanist funeral, we can connect you with our in-house celebrant. Knowing the importance of capturing the essence of an individual’s life, our celebrant is trained in providing gentle guidance and support through the planning process, taking the time to learn about the person who has died and turning that into a memorable narrative that resonates with everyone present.

Our celebrant works closely with families to inject personal touches into the ceremony, be it favorite songs, profound readings and heartfelt tributes that truly encapsulate the essence of the departed. This is a collaborative effort to create a touching reflection of the loved one’s character and life experiences.

Following the humanist funeral

Post-funeral proceedings, such as a reception or wake, can be arranged at the family’s home or a location of their choosing. Additionally, a memorial ceremony can be organized for a later date to provide another opportunity for family and friends to gather and reminisce about the deceased.

It’s a way to look back and honor all the lovely moments that make a life truly extraordinary. Whether you’re actively considering one for a loved one or merely exploring your options, we are here to help and guide you during this difficult time.

This offers an opportunity for all those who attended or were not able to attend the service to gather, share stories, comfort each other and continue to honor the person who died.

At Phaneuf, we believe in the innate beauty and value of every life, and we consider it an honor to assist families in commemorating and celebrating their loved ones in the manner that truly fits their individuality. Whether it’s through the medium of music, the recitation of a favored poem, or simply sharing memories and tales, we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

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