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Funeral Financing Loans

Phaneuf now partners with a funeral financing assistance organization to meet increasing customer demand for funeral financing loans.

“Mom died in her sleep last night. I didn’t see that coming. I know she would appreciate a full funeral with the whole family and all her neighbors there, but I don’t have it in savings. What can we do to give her the goodbye she deserves?”

We know that many deaths are sudden and unexpected. When an untimely death occurs, many people wonder how to pay for a funeral. You may not have accessible financial means to give your loved one the respectful farewell you envisioned, including a service and burial. There is help paying for a funeral, however.

Because there are many people seeking help paying for a funeral, Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium has partnered with Memorial Funding to offer you an option for convenient and affordable financing of funeral and memorial services and associated expenses related to those services. You can focus on honoring your loved one and not be deterred by how to pay for the funeral.

Funeral Financing Loans - Phaneuf

At the time of death, this funeral financing assistance option may ease some of the burden and stress that comes with making arrangements. Once you have been approved for financing, you will have access to the funds in order to make service arrangements to honor your loved one. Then, you can pay off the cost over time in monthly increments at competitive rates.

Approximate prices for types of services and estimated monthly payments based upon your current credit score:

Type of ServicePrice RangeAverage PriceExcellent Credit (800)Good Credit (700)Fair Credit (600)Poor Credit (500)
Traditional Funeral Service$10,000 - $18,000$14,000$254$296$341$436
Graveside Burial Service$8,000 - $11,000$10,000$182$211$243$311
Traditional Cremation Service$6,000 - $9,000$8,000$145$169$195$249
Direct Cremation Service$2,000 to $5,000$3,500$64$73$85$109

*Estimated Monthly Payments – Illustration Purposes Only.  Monthly payments calculated for average credit score of 680-699 @ 10.09% APR for 60 months. Note: Phaneuf Funeral Homes provides the monthly payment portal as an accommodation to you at no additional charge and receives no compensation for doing so and does not participate in any aspect of the lending process. Approval, Interest rates, monthly payments determined by participating lenders.

Funeral Financing Assistance Available for both Funerals and Cremation

Cremation is the preferred option for New Hampshire and Vermont residents, and continues to grow in popularity across the United States. By choosing cremation, you can also include a service prior to or following the actual cremation. You can also have a service at your house of worship before or after a cremation.

Financing is available for costs including but not limited to:

  • Burial packages or cremation packages
  • Choice of casket
  • Choice of urn
  • Transportation costs
  • Flowers
  • Memorial luncheon
  • Obituaries
  • Service at your house of worship
  • Private viewing
  • Cemetery committal
  • Cemetery fees (different from cemetery committal)
  • Memorial packages
  • Monuments or memorials
Funeral Financing Loans - Phaneuf

Funeral Financing Loans Also Available for Pre-planning

You may also choose a financing option when making pre-arrangements for your own or a loved one’s service. The majority of Americans believe making their end-of-life wishes known is very important, but a small percentage of us actually do so.

You can now make your arrangements, lock in current pricing, and pay for them over time via a funeral financing loan. This again applies to traditional funerals with a burial and for cremations.

The Apply for Financing link above takes you to a portal operated by Memorial Funding, an organization that works with about 30 lenders. Via the portal, you can apply for financing by answering a few questions and entering the required information, including income and other financials.

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium receives no compensation from Memorial Funding. Phaneuf and Memorial Funding are not lenders, and do not participate in any aspect of you acquiring a loan.