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Ask for help when planning a funeral reception - Phaneuf

Ask for help when planning a funeral reception

Funeral planning is demanding — especially if it happens after someone has passed, as time is very limited. Planning a funeral reception is one element of the bigger picture, though it’s sometimes lost in the shuffle as you and your family scramble to make big decisions and put the plan into action. Making end-of-life arrangementsRead more

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Day of the Dead is a Celebration Not to Be Taken Too Lightly

The popularity of the 2017 Disney-Pixar film, “Coco,” introduced millions of children around the world to Day of the Dead a.k.a Día de los Muertos. Like the movie, the Mexican celebration includes colorful costumes, decorations, and delectable offerings. There are many light-hearted moments in “Coco,” which mirrors the funny stories shared about death that areRead more

Writing a eulogy

Five Ideas For Writing a Eulogy

It’s an honor being asked to deliver a eulogy. It means that the loved ones of the deceased have faith that you will speak with reverence and remind everyone of all the aspects that made the deceased a unique, beloved person. This is an opportunity to celebrate someone’s entire life. That said, at a timeRead more

Man struggling writing eulogy

How to Write a Eulogy Using Humor

“I’m always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I'm listening to it.” That is from the late, great comedian George Carlin, and that line might be an opportunity to break the ice during a eulogy for a loved one. Writing a eulogy can be a stressful endeavor, as you want toRead more

Veterans Cemetery

Merchandise for Veterans: Respect and Honor those who so Selflessly Served

At Phaneuf, we are deeply grateful to the brave men and women who have served this wonderful country and to show our respect, we offer a substantial product line of merchandise for veterans. As you plan for your loved one’s end of life service, your desire to provide them with a loving tribute, highlighting theirRead more

Infinity and immortality

Is Immortality Our Goal?

Humanity has always been intrigued by the possibility of eternal life. From explorers searching for the Fountain of Youth to Silicon Valley spending millions on genome research, aimed at extending life, we have never given up the dream of living forever. But is this really what we want? Is immortality the end-result of a fullyRead more

Enjoy Some Magic - Phaneuf

Enjoy Some Magic

It is not often that we get to ponder magical experiences or observe truly immersive experiences, but both are encompassed in our very own Stephanie Knott’s new art installation—the Genie Lamp! Think back to your childhood and remember when you played the game of three wishes. If you had, at your disposal, an ancient genieRead more

Perspectives on Afterlife: What We Can Learn from Buddhism - Phaneuf

Perspectives on Afterlife: What We Can Learn from Buddhism

  While Buddhist ideology has become a familiar trope in entertainment and popular culture, the idea of reincarnation is anything but a current trend. The Buddhist belief in an afterlife guided by the deeds of mortal existence is both intriguing and enticing as food for thought. Whatever your personal beliefs, there are many common threadsRead more

5 Creative Ways to Memorialize Your Loved Ones - Phaneuf

5 Creative Ways to Memorialize Your Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is never easy; there is little anyone can say or do to help alleviate the pain of the loss. However, many people find that the best way to work through their grief is to remember the person they lost in a meaningful way. While there is no single best way toRead more

The 5 Most Common Regrets of the Dying - Phaneuf

The 5 Most Common Regrets of the Dying

  When Frank Sinatra sang “Regrets, I’ve had a few,” he pretty much summed up the thoughts of a lot of people who reflect upon their lives as they’re dying. A palliative care nurse who spent many years assisting people in their final days found a common thread in these regrets and created a listRead more