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Why Choose a Certified Funeral Pre-Planning Counselor?

The relief you will instantly feel when a funeral director says, “Your Mom made many of her funeral pre-planning arrangements a few years ago,” is significant and immeasurable .

The anxiety of making all the decisions required during a time of grief can be overwhelming to your family, and utilizing a certified funeral pre-planning counselor will reduce much of that strain. Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium’s licensed funeral directors are all pre-planning counselors and consultants who received advanced training via the National Funeral Directors Association.

At Phaneuf, the majority of funeral pre-planning sessions occur in one of our five locations, but if you prefer, the meeting can take place in your home or other location. It’s possible that the individual who is doing the pre-planning does not have easy access to transportation or the ability to travel simply.

As it can be a sometimes stressful conversation, even meeting somewhere for lunch to take the edge off is an option. While getting together with one of our certified pre-planning counselors, a little time will be spent talking about your biographical information, because even though the the arrangements are being discussed, it’s important to get some accurate information for the documentation.

Most of this meeting, however, will be spent talking about your wishes and your needs. To provide you with a service that is meaningful, expect questions such as, “What are you passionate about? Are you religious? Do you belong to certain organizations? How big is your family? What are your hobbies or interests?”

“Will there be a large church service? Do you want a simple green burial in a wooden casket? Do you want to be cremated? Do you want to have a graveside service? Do you want a fancy bronze urn?”

Yes, there will be many questions, but the more we can learn about you, the more we can begin recommending service and ceremony options that make sense for you. During this initial consultation our goal is to take a close look at your wishes and your needs, and to learn about you. Then, we can help you plan a service that will have a greater meaning for you and your family.

The primary goal with every service is to present something that is right for you, adding personalized elements that will reflect on the milestones in your life. For example, we once had a family that wanted to do a balloon release at the cemetery at the end of the service.

Services for military veterans are common, and it’s important that they are able to take advantage of all the government benefits available, from flag-folding, to a free honor-guard to a free burial in a veteran cemetery.

If you plan to be cremated, we will discuss what is involved with the process of cremation. You’ll hear questions like: “Are the created remains going to be buried? Will they be kept at home? Scattered at sea?”

At Phaneuf, we had a recent instance where a sweet gentleman wanted all of his grandchildren to attend the service dressed as superheroes. We helped them get their costumes, and they were the pallbearers dressed in various hero outfits.

Whatever your wishes are, a funeral pre-planning counselor will be able to help you personalize a service that will help bring both closure and peace to your family and friends.

Please request our pre-planning brochure or schedule a free consultation to get the best advice and pricing on your end-of-life selections.

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