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Demystifying Reasons For Not Planning Ahead - Phaneuf

Demystifying reasons for not planning ahead

We’re a planning society. We plan weddings, we plan birthdays, we plan anniversaries, we plan for retirement. So why don’t more of us make funeral plans ahead of time? The top reasons people give for not planning ahead for a funeral make sense on the surface, but if you dig a little deeper, there areRead more

The Art Of Dying Well Requires Planning - Phaneuf

The art of dying well requires planning

Funeral plans often happen after a crisis, which is a tense time to make important decisions. Death may be unexpected at the time, but it can be planned. Every one of us will die eventually, and making funeral plans in advance lets your loved ones grieve for you without the stress of also planning aRead more

Importance Of Online Digital Assets In Your Planning - Phaneuf

Importance of online digital assets in your planning

Have you ever considered what happens to your online digital assets after you die? Many aspects of our lives are online. It’s important to think about what happens to these accounts when we die. Digital assets refers here to any online accounts and the data held within, which may include personal information and/or critical dataRead more

Ideas For Personalization When Planning A Funeral - Phaneuf

Ideas for personalization when planning a funeral

If the idea of a casket, flowers and weeping mourners is not anything near your wish for an end-of-life send off, you’re not alone. Personalization is very important when planning a funeral – yours or a loved one’s. Sharing your ideas for the music, speakers, photos, videos, attire and more will help the celebration ofRead more

Helping A Loved One Begin Funeral Planning - Phaneuf

Helping a loved one begin funeral planning

How to plan a funeral – many of us realize it’s important but don’t know where to begin. I think we can all agree that it’s better to plan when we have time and not during a crisis. The simplest way to help a loved one begin planning a funeral is with a conversation. HowRead more

Are You In A Good Place To Die? - Phaneuf

Are you in a good place to die?

Dying is not as stigmatized as it used to be. Slowly, more people are discussing how to prepare for death. In fact, most Americans agree that sharing their end-of-life wishes is important to do – though the majority of us don’t until crises arise. Preparing for death at a minimum means sharing your plans withRead more

Free Ebook Reveals How To Leave A Lasting Legacy - Phaneuf

Free ebook reveals how to leave a lasting legacy

We’ve assembled a new funeral pre-planning ebook to help you with legacy planning and have meaningful talks with those you love. It’s Your Death: Plan Ahead to Rest Easy is available for free download now.  Recognize a Life Well Lived The ebook opens candidly: One thing that’s true for each and every one of us,Read more

Top 3 Reasons For Planning A Funeral - Phaneuf

Top 3 reasons for planning a funeral

A recent study with participants from a variety of ages, genders, ethnicities, religions and financial backgrounds identified the three core reasons why people are interested in planning a funeral: Sharing their final wishes: Bringing awareness to your wishes ensures your loved ones have all the information they need to arrange the farewell you envision. TheRead more

Register Now For Free Funeral Planning Webinar - Phaneuf

Register now for free funeral planning webinar

The unprecedented pandemic we’re all living though is changing how we all think about life and death. We’re now much more aware of the unexpected and how it can catch us off guard. That’s why we’re presenting a 45-minute funeral planning webinar, which you can take part in from the comfort of your home. TheRead more

Talking About Death With Your Family - Phaneuf

Talking About Death with Your Family

The current coronavirus pandemic  demonstrates how many of us are not prepared for an unsuspected, serious, illness or death. A New York Times piece by Dr. Sunita Puri reiterates what many of us in the funeral industry have been saying for a long time: It’s Time to Talk About Death. “Our collective silence about death,Read more