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Due Diligence

Beware Legacy/Heritage Cremation Services

For some, it may be hard to imagine that a provider of end-of-life services would be dishonest or ambiguous about the services they provide, let alone where they are located. Unfortunately, however, companies like this do exist, and therefore it is important to do your research when selecting a cremation or funeral service provider. LegacyRead more

What Is Water Cremation Aka Aquamation - Phaneuf

What is water cremation aka aquamation

Water cremation is an alternative process for the transformation of human remains using alkaline hydrolysis, by which bodies are dissolved into a liquid. Water cremation was recently in the news as it was chosen by Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, who died in December 2021. Water cremation is an alternative option versus traditional cremationRead more

14 Ideas For Cremated Remains - Phaneuf

14 ideas for cremated remains

As cremation becomes the choice of more Americans, we’re asked about ideas for cremated remains—besides a traditional  urn. There are  many options. We’ve seen cremated remains placed into holiday ornaments, glass paperweights and golf balls, among others. Here are 14 unique cremated remains ideas: Traditional cemetery burial with Cremation Many cemeteries allow the burial ofRead more

Life Forest Redefines Traditional Burial - Phaneuf

Life Forest redefines traditional burial

Every once in a while, we're asked, can you turn cremated remains into a tree. The answer is yes. Life Forest is a unique cemetery nestled in Hillsborough, NH, located next to conservation land with hiking trails and swimming creeks. Phaneuf’s arrangers discuss Life Forest with families that choose cremation but also seek to beRead more

Parting Stone Solidified Cremated Remains Now Available - Phaneuf

Parting Stone solidified cremated remains now available

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium now offers a solid alternative to loose cremated remains called solidified remains. Our families who receive cremated remains of a loved one choose this option because solidified remains form a stone that can be held easily and shared with family. To do this, we’ve partnered with Parting Stone. Phaneuf partnersRead more

What Are Your Cremation Options? - Phaneuf

What are your cremation options?

Every day, the cremation options grow in the United States and around the globe, but misconceptions remain. Some believe it’s just a cremation, no service, no memorial, no opportunity for friends and family to say farewell. That is just one cremation option. It is typically referred to as a direct cremation, which generally avoids aRead more

Smart Sustainability For Cremation Business - Phaneuf

Smart Sustainability for Cremation Business

A quarter century ago when I started in the funeral and cremation business, burials accounted for 85% of industry business, though in NH a slightly higher 20% of families chose cremation for their loved ones. As we arrive in a new decade, nearly 80% of New Hampshire families  choose a cremation option. Phaneuf had theRead more

Custom Cremation Jewelry

Is cremation jewelry creepy?

Cremation will soon outpace traditional burial as the end-of-life choice for most Americans. The growth of cremation has come with a variety of options for cremated remains, the granular particles left after the cremation process. Is cremation jewelry creepy? Wearing a tiny piece of your loved one to keep them close? Well, some people findRead more

What Is Direct Cremation? - Phaneuf

What is Direct Cremation?

Nearly 80% of New Hampshire residents choose cremation instead of a traditional funeral service, and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) predicts that the national cremation rate will reach 85% by the year 2035. There are several rationales as to why people choose to be cremated in their end-of-life planning, though cost is one ofRead more

Woman With Cremation Urn At Funeral In Church

How Cremation Works

More and more people are asking about how cremation works when they start thinking about end-of-life planning. Cremation has become a more-economical approach to a burial, and that is one of the top reasons it has become the choice of a growing number of Americans. Cremation reduces the human body to bone fragments using highRead more