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Free ebook reveals how to leave a lasting legacy

We’ve assembled a new funeral pre-planning ebook to help you with legacy planning and have meaningful talks with those you love. It’s Your Death: Plan Ahead to Rest Easy is available for free download now. 

Recognize a Life Well Lived

The ebook opens candidly: One thing that’s true for each and every one of us, no matter how unique of an individual we are or what kind of life we lead, is that we’re all going to die.

This may sound morbid. However, we can recognize the beauty in sharing something so sacred with every other living being on the planet. We all live. We all die. No one is alone in this process.

Decisions around death and dying are hard and personal. They are as important as those around birth and marriage. And yet, so few of us talk about it. As a result, few people create a plan for what it is they truly want at the end of their life.

That is starting to change. The death positive movement and the “dying well” trend unfolding across the country are full of people and organizations ready to support you in having enlightening conversations and helping to ensure others carry on your legacy – just as you imagine it – after you pass.

It’s time to change the perception that death is something to fear and something we shouldn’t talk about.

Instead, let’s realize the opportunity to plan for the inevitable, and have meaningful conversations with those you love. Maybe you were there the moment your family found out a loved one had passed. You witnessed your family scrambling to plan a funeral and their visible frustration of not knowing if they were planning the perfect service. By taking the time to plan your arrangements in advance, you ensure your loved ones are not left in the same position when you pass.

By covering these conversations early, you are encouraged to live with purpose, and allow your loved ones to celebrate your remarkable life and carry on your legacy.

Changing the Conversation about Death

The first section of the ebook delves into how to approach these new conversations Many people think that planning for death is a task for old people, that it’s something you do when you reach a certain age. However, the reality is that death can happen to any one of us today, tomorrow, or years down the road.

Death is blind to age.

In our culture, it’s difficult to come to terms with death; it’s much easier to avoid the topic completely. It takes courage, vulnerability, discomfort, and an open mind to think about, create and discuss a plan for your own death.

Funeral pre-planning is one of the most gracious and thoughtful things you can do for the people you leave behind. If you focus on that aspect, it makes addressing the issue a little easier.

It’s high time to step up and talk about what you want, why it matters, and how you want to be remembered and celebrated once your time on this earth comes to an end. Your plan does not need every single detail ironed out.

You can simply begin by deciding if you’d like a burial or cremation, voicing your thoughts on what type of service you’d like, and considering a legacy project. If you’re ready to face your own mortality, you can be more present now and better prepared for the inevitable. Chapters of this section include:

  • Why is it So Hard To Talk About Death?
  • Changing the Dialogue
  • How to Have Healthy Conversations about Death

Leaving All of the Pieces of the Puzzle

The second section of the ebook looks at what happens after the conversation with your loved ones. Once that happens, you can begin exploring the many options of funeral pre-planning.

Unless you or your loved ones have been studying to become a funeral director, you likely don’t know the terms used by the funeral industry.

This section of the ebook answers some questions to shine light on your end-of-life options, such as:

  • How Do I Start?
  • What is Advanced Planning
  • What are My Options?

Leaving Behind A Final Gift

The final section of the ebook looks at leaving a legacy of your many accomplishments. Even things that seem mundane will contribute to your profound impact on those around you.

It’s time to embrace how beautiful, hilarious, messy and all-around amazing your life is. It’s time to acknowledge the legacy you’re earning. How do you want to be remembered?

This section will discuss some popular options for being memorialized, from legacy projects to newer, innovative methods such as leaving your loved ones a diamond made from your ashes or hair:

  • Living a Remarkable Life
  • The Importance of Coming Together: Digitally or In Person
  • Eterneva: Leaving Your Loved Ones an Heirloom

Believe it or not, your family and friends are ready to support you with enlightening conversations regarding funeral pre-planning. These talks also help ensure others carry on your legacy after you pass. We hope this ebook guides you toward leaving a lasting legacy.

You Can Easily Start Planning Now.

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