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estate planning

Free estate planning seminar Oct. 6

We’re presenting the popular Funeral and Estate Planning Seminar, where you’ll learn about the benefits of planning for your funeral or cremation as well as  protecting your future with proper estate planning, wills and trusts, and Medicaid issues. Buddy Phaneuf, president of Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium, and Estate Attorney Frank Mesmer will present theRead more

do i need grief counseling quiz

Do I need grief counseling quiz

How do you know when you need help with grieving? Grieving a loved one is normal, but there is a point where the grief can overwhelm you and make daily life challenging long term.  How do you determine that your grief is not subsiding enough? Ask yourself these 11 questions that might indicate you mayRead more

great place to work

Phaneuf is a 2022 Great Place to Work company

For the second year in a row, Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium received a Great Place to Work certification for 2022 based on feedback from employees.. Phaneuf’s team ranks the funeral home 43% higher than average companies are rated, according to a U.S. National Employee Engagement Study. Phanuef employees ranked the company higher than theRead more

cost of cremation in nh

NH No. 5 in cremations in the nation

The latest cremation statistics from the Cremation Association of North America show that in 2020, New Hampshire had a cremation rate of 77.5%, the fifth highest in the nation. The average cost of cremation in NH is between $2,500 and $3,000. With Covid-19 and other factors, the cremation rate in 2021 likely exceeded 80%, butRead more

death cafe

Death café scheduled for June 15 in Manchester

We often avoid talking about things that make us uncomfortable, even though talking about them can be helpful. Death is high on that list, which is why Phaneuf offers death cafés. At a death café, attendees come to talk about a variety of topics and issues related to death, such as hospice and palliative care,Read more

nh gives

Foundation participates in NH Gives

The nonprofit Phaneuf Family Foundation is participating in NH Gives on June 7 and 8, 2022. NH Gives is a statewide online 24-hour campaign from the NH Center for Nonprofits to raise awareness about NH nonprofits and connect donors to local nonprofits. Donations during the 24-hour campaign may be made to the Phaneuf Family FoundationRead more

FEMA funds still available for Covid-related deaths - Phaneuf

FEMA funds still available for Covid-related deaths

FEMA funeral assistance for families with a death from Covid-19 has been available since April 2021, yet only half of eligible families have applied for FEMA funeral reimbursement. Some families may not be aware these funds are available. FEMA authorized $2 billion toward financial assistance for families who paid funeral costs specifically related to CoronavirusRead more

funeral planning

Free funeral planning lunches set for May, June

When planning for the inevitable, you alleviate the burden on your family and friends of making difficult funeral planning decisions on your behalf. They won’t wonder what you  wanted; they’ll know. Likewise, if you are supporting a friend or family member with their planning, you’re helping provide peace of mind for them and their families.Read more

phaneuf family foundation

Phaneuf Family Foundation performance

The Phaneuf Family Foundation launched in fall 2019 to provide funds for New Hampshire and Vermont residents who can’t afford the full cost of a funeral. After two full years of the foundation’s operation, here are some performance highlights: In 2020, the foundation was able to grant 41% of the requests it received; in 2021,Read more

Meet our arrangers: Aeriel and Kelley - Phaneuf

Meet our arrangers: Aeriel and Kelley

Aeriel Cardillo Aeriel Cardillo and Kelley Molloy joined the Phaneuf family of funeral directors this winter. Both Aeriel and Kelley knew early on that they wanted careers in the end-of-life field – and both encourage loved ones to think about funeral pre-planning. “I don’t tell them to plan ahead just because I work at Phaneuf,”Read more