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Wills & Estate Planning

The question many often ask themselves is: Do I really need to have a legal will? The simple answer is, if you have property or possessions that you would like dispersed to certain people, it would be very beneficial to have a will. Generally, upon someone’s death, if there is no will, the next ofRead more

Advantages of pre-planning a funeral

Thinking about death is sometimes an uncomfortable subject to discuss. Nevertheless, funeral pre-planning is a very important topic. Planning a funeral before the need arise is not a new concept, as many have prepared wills, purchased life insurance and some have even selected burial plots. Funeral pre-planning takes it a step further. There are advantagesRead more

Writing a Eulogy

How to Write a Funny Eulogy, Tactfully.

A eulogy is a speech praising the life of someone who has passed away. Writing a eulogy is an opportunity to reflect on the life of the deceased, accept the loss, and think of him or her in a way that you will always remember. It's no wonder why some people write in celebration ofRead more

Dealing With A Terminal Illness

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be very frieghtening and difficult not only for  the person diagnosed, but also for surrounding family and close friends. Often times, loved ones try to stay strong for the sake of the individual that was diagnosed, but it’s important that everyone deals with their emotions and are openRead more

Military Funerals Series – Military Funeral Planning

A military funeral is a distinct memorial service afforded to veterans, soldiers, marines, and other military notables. There are elements known as funeral honors that may be incorporated into the funeral service, if the family of the deceased should choose so. Funeral honors: Draping of the American Flag on the casket: The blue section ofRead more

Guide to Planning a Funeral

After your death, a lot of information is needed to plan your funeral, which can take time and effort to locate, especially when those left behind are grieving your death. Taking the time to compile this information before your death ensures your family has everything when the need it. Personal Information The most important personalRead more

Top Five Reasons to Preplan and PrePay Your Funeral

When you die, it is fairly obvious that your family and friends will find coping with the associated grief and loss very difficult. Coupled with that is the fact that approximately 70% of people who die today don’t even have a will drafted to assist their family and loved ones, and over 85% of peopleRead more

Shades of Green: Demystifying Green Burials

What is a green burial? A green burial is done with the goal of returning the body to the earth so that it can be naturally recycled through uninhibited decomposition; green burials are intended as economically sustainable alternatives to traditional funeral practices.  In most cases, the body is not embalmed and is placed in aRead more

Wal-Mart Now Selling Caskets

In October, Wal-Mart began selling caskets on its website (see fox new story at,2933,570111,00.html).  What this will mean for family-owned funeral homes long term is unknown.  But my sense is that most grieving families will not turn to Wal-Mart for their casket needs.  While retail outlets selling caskets in lieu of local funeral homesRead more

Phaneuf Funeral Homes Professional Training Programs

One little knownaspect of what we do at Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium is conduct training programs and workshops for caregivers and those in the healthcare field.  At first blush, there may seem to be a disconnect in a funeral home providing this sort of training.  However, we have found that nearly all caregivers haveRead more