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Writing A Eulogy

How to Write a Funny Eulogy, Tactfully.

A eulogy is a speech praising the life of someone who has passed away. Writing a eulogy is an opportunity to reflect on the life of the deceased, accept the loss, and think of him or her in a way that you will always remember. It’s no wonder why some people write in celebration of the person’s life, highlighting the achievements and characteristics that made them truly unique in this world.

If the deceased was funny or a jokester, you may be considering incorporating humor into the eulogy. This is completely acceptable, and often times a great way to truly honor the person they were. However, for as much as a eulogy is to honor the deceased, it is to comfort the family and attendees, so when preparing, you must remember to keep your speech appropriate, and consider the emotions and reactions of the people in attendance..

As in the writing of any eulogy, take hold of your emotions and follow the flow of your heart and perception of that person in your mind. Remember the good times, and place priority on the stories that showcase only the best attributes of the deceased.

A eulogy is something special, and it is truly an honor to be asked to deliver one. Keep in mind that you were most likely selected because you were viewed as a person who had a special relationship with the deceased, and can now offer a unique insight into who they were, what was important to them, and how they lived. If humor was a big part of their life, then incorporating it into the eulogy, whether through anecdote or personal recollection, is completely appropriate and should be considered. A eulogy, at its essence, is about how the person has touched your life. If they brought joy and humor to your life, it was probably the case for many others, and comfort (and perhaps a good laugh) will be found through your words.

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How To Write A Funny Eulogy, Tactfully. - Phaneuf

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