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Preplanning is a gift for your loved ones

Even though it’s inevitable for all of us, many of us don’t like talking about death. So talking about our wishes for funeral or cremation arrangements is an uncomfortable subject for not only us, but our families as well. But, it’s important to have plans in place – especially if there are things you veryRead more

Breaking the Mold of “Cookie Cutter” Obituaries

This week, an obituary written by the daughter of Harry Weatherby Stamps has gone viral across social media and is receiving national attention.  For good reason, as it was a moving, entertaining and out of the ordinary obituary.  What I realized, however, is that this type of heartfelt account of someone’s life − that isRead more

Affording To Die

We'd like to share this interesting infographic. There are some great tips on trends, lowering costs, and planning for the future. Please share your feedback and thoughts.  Read more

Online Account Pre-Planning

Social media websites, as well as financial ones require secure login and passwords. Some also require a second level of security, in the form of a security questions or a pin. These security measures are in place to help prevent hacking, but they also make it very difficult for a family member of someone whoRead more

The Difference in Family-Owned

Last Sunday evening, 60 Minutes reported on the conduct of many large firms within the death-care industry. They pointed out several locations across the United States that were not following ethical procedures, including exhumations without notifying the family, mishandling information, pressure sales, and double-selling plots, among other issues at various cemeteries. In this special report,Read more

Why Attend our Estate or Funeral Planning Seminar

Our Estate and Funeral Planning Seminars will be taking place next week. We'd like to share our thoughts on why you should attend one of these free seminars. The seminar will provide you with the information you need to understand the benefits and process involved in estate and funeral pre-planning. The presentation will be givenRead more

Pre-Planning Information

Read more

Selecting a Funeral Home

Making funeral arrangements after losing a loved one can be very emotional. Choosing a funeral home that makes you feel comfortable will certainly help you throughout this process. The most common practices for selecting a funeral home are choosing the funeral home that your family used in the past or selecting the one that isRead more

Hospice Information

There are many misconceptions of what Hospice is and what they do. Here’s some information you may not be aware of. Hospice is not just for cancer patients. Hospice care is for patients and their families during any life-limiting illness. It’s care that provides comfort and support to patients facing life-threatening illnesses with a lifeRead more

Hospice Recognition

  Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium and Cremation Society of NH would like to recognize two hospice caregivers or volunteers who truly embody the Christmas spirit. We appreciate everything that Hospice CareGivers and Volunteers do, and look forward to recognizing two of them for their dedication to helping families. Please nominate someone you know andRead more