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Wills & Estate Planning

The question many often ask themselves is: Do I really need to have a legal will? The simple answer is, if you have property or possessions that you would like dispersed to certain people, it would be very beneficial to have a will.

Generally, upon someone’s death, if there is no will, the next of kin typically receives the property and possessions. If there isn’t a next of kin present, it can cause complications in the process and delegation of property, which is why a will is so important.

Do you have to have it professionally drawn? The law of will and testaments is not simple; it’s a complex form that has to be taken seriously, and legalities vary in each state, which is why you may find it beneficial to hire a lawyer for this process.

Some also may want to consider estate planning in conjunction with the will, where you assign and make your wishes in accordance to your lawyer who serves as your legal guide.

Your estate plan typically begins with checking your assets, including investments, saving, insurance, real estate property and business interests.

Creating estate plans will prevent any disputes and unfair distribution. It can give way to a clear move to show true intentions and how to dispel conflicts when you are gone.

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