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Selecting a Funeral Home

Making funeral arrangements after losing a loved one can be very emotional. Choosing a funeral home that makes you feel comfortable will certainly help you throughout this process.

The most common practices for selecting a funeral home are choosing the funeral home that your family used in the past or selecting the one that is closest to your residence. Although both of these methods of selection are common, they are not necessarily the best way to select a funeral home. We encourage you to spend a few moments looking into a funeral home before making your decision to ensure that you are selecting one that will meet or exceed your needs.

Please keep in mind that there are many national funeral chains that are acquiring family-owned funeral homes.  Large corporations own nearly ¼ of all the funeral homes in the country, and over 10% of NH funeral homes.  These corporations are continuing to acquire funeral homes, which makes it quite possible that the family-owned funeral home you used in the past is no longer run by that family.  Be sure to check into this, as your experience with the national-chain may be very different from the last one you had with a family-owned home.

Additionally, you should do some research into the funeral homes servicing your area. You can do this by looking into funeral homes online or by calling the funeral home and speaking with someone to determine if you feel comfortable with them.

At the end of the day, the funeral home you select should make you and your family feel very comfortable and supported in paying tribute to your loved one.

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