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Dealing With A Terminal Illness

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be very frieghtening and difficult not only for  the person diagnosed, but also for surrounding family and close friends.

Often times, loved ones try to stay strong for the sake of the individual that was diagnosed, but it’s important that everyone deals with their emotions and are open with one another about their feelings.

The struggle to accept that time is limited, comes with many emotions. It’s very common to be angry and frustrated. Feelings of fear and denial may also arise. It’s important to be there emotionally and spiritually for your loved one, inviting them to share their fears and explore what life still has to offer.

It’s essential to support your loved one in every way possible. Help him or her in dealing with the situation by offering a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and compassion to help in times of grief and sadness. Being there and listening are truly the things that your loved one will need most.

And also don’t forget to deal with your own emotions throughout the process. Lean on someone that you are close to and let them help you cope with the situation. This is truly a time to come together with compassion and share your feelings.

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