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Guide to Planning a Funeral

After your death, a lot of information is needed to plan your funeral, which can take time and effort to locate, especially when those left behind are grieving your death. Taking the time to compile this information before your death ensures your family has everything when the need it.

Personal Information
The most important personal information that is needed is your name, social security number, gender, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, marital status, name of spouse, father’s name, mother’s name.

Be sure to list your occcupation, most recent employer, type of business, years worked in the industry and whether or not you were retired. If so, list your date of retirement.

An important detail to include is the contact information for the person (or people) that should be notified of your deth including name, address, phone number, and your relationship.

Military Service
If you were in the military service, list the branch, your rank and unit, dates of enlistment and discharge, locations, and in which wars you served.

Family Members
Make a list of the names of your spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Legal Documents
Make a note of the location of your Last Will and Testament, Living Will, and Medical Power of Attorney, whether or not you have a pre-arranged funeral, your birth and marriage certificates and insurance policies.

Property Records
Be sure to specify the location of any automobile titles, property titles, and mortgage documents.

Financial Information
List all your bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, and the location(s) of your tax returns and records. Also important to note are any 401ks, IRAs, stock/bond certificates, brokers/financial advisers, credit cards.

Personal Wishes
Be sure to include any funeral service instructions, pallbearers, cemetery arrangements, monuments/markers, person in charge of arrangements and their contact information including name, address, phone number, and newspaper/obituary Announcements.

Making a list of this important information is a final, loving act that will allow your family to spend more time together, concentrating on sharing love and support instead of searching for information necessary to plan a funeral. Your loved ones will appreciate your attention to detail.

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