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Space can be the final frontier for your ashes - Phaneuf

Space can be the final frontier for your ashes


We’ve written before about some of the things you can make with cremated remains – also known as cremains – such as jewelry, sculptures, fireworks and even ammunition. But some people want their remains scattered, either at a special place that had meaning for them when they were alive or somewhere unusual – like space. That’s right. Ever dreamed of space travel? Well now you can do it post-mortem. Companies such as Elysium Space will shoot your cremains into space. “Instead of looking down upon the earth in reminiscence, we can raise our eyes to the eternal wonders within the night sky, knowing that our loved ones are always with us,” the company says on its website. Elysium currently offers two packages – a Shooting Star Memorial and a Lunar Memorial.

The first Shooting Star Memorial launch is expected to take place late this year and is already full (a second launch is now available and has openings for Elysium Space module for cremains$1,990). The memorial “delivers a symbolic portion of your loved one’s remains to Earth’s orbit, only to end this celestial journey as a shooting star.” The Lunar Memorial “delivers a symbolic portion of remains to the surface of the Moon, helping to create the quintessential commemoration.” A Lunar Memorial hasn’t launched yet, but has openings for its first launch. Early reservations are $9,950 for the first 50 participants; the regular rate will be $11,950.  A Milky Way Memorial is coming soon.

How does it work? You put a scoop of your loved one’s ashes into a capsule that you receive by mail from Elysium Space. Then you mail it in a pre-paid shipping box back to the company.  When the company receives the capsule, it’s placed in a spacecraft module that has individual niches, each with a capsule. There is a webcast of the launch and then the journey of your loved one’s cremains can be followed using the company’s mobile app.

Another company, MesoLoft, launches and disperses your loved one’s ashes above the earth. After cremation, the ashes are taken to a designated local Mesoloft balloon for cremainsfuneral home, which then sends the ashes to MesoLoft. With the standard package ($2,800), the company launches a balloon from Southern New Mexico, Eastern Indiana or Eastern Colorado and the cremains are taken 75,000 feet into space. When the balloon reaches the pre-determined altitude, a door opens and the ashes are released. The ashes ride the wind currents until they land on various points around the globe. A “destination package” allows you to have the ashes launched from a location of your choosing (packages start at $7,500). There is also a pet launch available for $499.

Writes the company: “You’ll discover the comfort of knowing your love one is literally everywhere around you. No matter where you go and what wonderful sights you see; you’ll be warmed by the knowledge they too are there.”

Perhaps you’d like your cremains to go in a different direction – such as the ocean. Eternal Reefs creates “eternal reefs” that are a combination urn, eternal-reefs-viewing-11scattering and burial at sea – the difference is that the eternal reefs are made of environmentally-safe cement mixture that create artificial reef formations with a pH content that’s close to neutral. They eventually create new habitats for fish and other sea life.

Eternal reefs are available for one to four sets of cremains, ranging in price from $3,995 to $6,995. The reefs can be personalized and there are a number of location options. A direct service (for when family can’t be present) is available in Sarasota, Fla. for $2,495.

Of course, there are plenty of unique earthbound locations. In that case, you may just want the Loved One Launcher, a hand-held ash-scattering cannon that will shoot cremains up to 70 feet. For extra visual effect, you can add confetti or streamers. At $375, it’s certainly a budget-friendly alternative for those who can’t afford the trip to the skies or seas.

How about you? Do you have a special place where you want to have your cremains scattered? Let us know in the comments!


Night sky and module courtesy of Elysium Space

Ballon courtesy of MesoLoft

Reef Ball courtesy of Eternal Reefs

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