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Scattering Ashes

A Few Things You Should Know About Scattering Ashes

When a loved one dies, and that person will be cremated, the last thing you want to think about is disposing of their remains. But the time comes when a plan must be made. If you’ve decided to scatter your loved ones’ remains, versus keeping them or storing them somewhere, there are a few thingsRead more

White Mountains New Hampshire

Where You Can and Can’t Scatter Ashes in New Hampshire

There are technically no state laws that govern where you may or may not store or spread the ashes of your loved one in the state of New Hampshire. Therefore, you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing where to spread the remains of a deceased loved one. However, there are manyRead more

5 Unique Ways to Dispose of Cremains - Phaneuf

5 Unique Ways to Dispose of Cremains

There are many reasons to choose cremation, but perhaps the most common reason is the flexibility it accords. Cremains can be kept for any amount of time, they can be buried or interred, or they can be scattered in a meaningful location. While many people opt for some version of the above-mentioned options, others areRead more

Space can be the final frontier for your ashes - Phaneuf

Space can be the final frontier for your ashes

  We’ve written before about some of the things you can make with cremated remains – also known as cremains – such as jewelry, sculptures, fireworks and even ammunition. But some people want their remains scattered, either at a special place that had meaning for them when they were alive or somewhere unusual – likeRead more