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A Dignified Goodbye: Phaneuf Lays Unclaimed Cremains To Rest - Phaneuf

A Dignified Goodbye: Phaneuf Lays Unclaimed Cremains to Rest

How do you want to be memorialized after you die? Would you prefer a big ceremony or a quiet wake reserved only for close family and friends? Whether or not we adhere to a religious belief, we all hope to be remembered by our loved ones after we pass; we hope to be celebrated evenRead more

Heroin Is Everyone'S Problem - Phaneuf

Heroin is everyone’s problem

  I’ve been invited to talk on several news programs recently about the state’s heroin epidemic. Last year, there were 321 drug-related deaths in the state; 97 were related to heroin. That number will likely rise: According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, in Manchester alone, there have been 65 heroin deaths this year. HereRead more

Space Can Be The Final Frontier For Your Ashes - Phaneuf

Space can be the final frontier for your ashes

  We’ve written before about some of the things you can make with cremated remains – also known as cremains – such as jewelry, sculptures, fireworks and even ammunition. But some people want their remains scattered, either at a special place that had meaning for them when they were alive or somewhere unusual – likeRead more

Police Find Abandoned Cremated Remains on Rochester Street

I was recently interviewed on a local TV station about a plastic bag full of cremated remains that were found abandoned on a street corner in Rochester, NH.  While this story seems strange, you would be surprised to learn how many phone calls we receive about people finding cremated remains in various places.  Recently weRead more