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N.H. Senate Votes Against Alkaline Hydrolysis

This week, the New Hampshire Senate rejected House Bill 316 that would have allowed alkaline hydrolysis, a process for the disposal of human remains, by which bodies are dissolved into a liquid.   Proponents of the bill argued that the process is more environmentally safe in comparison to earth burials and traditional cremation.  However, the Senate had concerns about the disposal of the remaining liquid, saying that they believe it may end up in groundwater or aquifers.

I imagine that eventually we will see this bill reappear, as advocates will try again at some point.  As I have mentioned before, I believe that people should have the right to choose and are entitled to options.   Furthermore, I am a proponent for options that are environmentally sound.  As with anything, regulation is of utmost importance.  If the bill is presented again, my main concern would still be that the process is regulated appropriately to prevent any issues.   However, we do not have current or future plans to be involved with this process even if it does pass.

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