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Blessing Of The Animals In Portsmouth, Nh - Phaneuf

Blessing of the Animals in Portsmouth, NH

For many of us, companion animals are an integral part of the family; we take them on vacations, care for their every need and, in turn, they share their boundless affection and comfort with us. So it is not surprising that some people may want to keep their beloved companion close even after they pass,Read more

Burial With Your Pet: Crazy Notion Or Next Level Of Personalization? - Phaneuf

Burial With Your Pet: Crazy Notion or Next Level of Personalization?

The Wall Street Journal recently offered an opinion piece on a bill that would allow people to be buried with their pets. Although the issue is being raised in New York, where Gov. Cuomo is currently evaluating the bill, this is an interesting topic that may soon pass to other states—wherever people and animals forgeRead more

Green Burials Are Growing In Popularity And Reduce Our Environmental Impact.

Green Burial FAQ

Until recently, if you were looking into a green burial, your options were extremely limited. Traditional burial techniques, including embalming and caskets, were required by law. However, in a time where the environment has become more of a concern to us all, green burials are becoming the ever more mainstream choice. What is a GreenRead more

A Cleaner Alternative: Have You Heard Of The Infinity Burial Suit? - Phaneuf

A Cleaner Alternative: Have You Heard of the Infinity Burial Suit?

Have you ever considered how your death affects the environment? In recent years the concern for a green burial has become ever-more present and ever-more possible for those interested. While several options already exist, Jae Rhim Lee has come up with perhaps the most intriguing alternative to a traditional burial: the infinity mushroom. Over theRead more

Chances Are Your Funeral Will Be Handled By A Woman - Phaneuf

Chances are your funeral will be handled by a woman

  The care of the sick has historically fallen to women, but care of the dead up until recently has largely been the domain of men. Not anymore. Funeral-related businesses employ more than 440,000 people and bring in $16 billion a year in the U.S. While in the 1970s, 95 percent of funeral-related jobs wereRead more

Therapy Dogs: A New Funeral Home Trend - Phaneuf

Therapy dogs: A new funeral home trend

  Funeral homes are going to the dogs – and that may be a good thing. Trending in the industry is the use of therapy dogs to help comfort and calm the grieving at funeral homes. “Comfort companions” such as Lulu, a goldendoodle who “works” at Ballard-Durand funeral home in White Plains, N.Y., is aRead more

Family-Owned Funeral Homes Are Part Of Your Community - Phaneuf

Family-owned funeral homes are part of your community

  Trust is not something you build overnight. That’s why, when you’re looking for a funeral home, you want to find one that has a long history of trust; that’s what you’ll find with a family-owned funeral home. In the 1990s, the funeral home industry saw big conglomerates buy up many smaller funeral homes. Don’tRead more

N.H. Senate Votes Against Alkaline Hydrolysis

This week, the New Hampshire Senate rejected House Bill 316 that would have allowed alkaline hydrolysis, a process for the disposal of human remains, by which bodies are dissolved into a liquid.   Proponents of the bill argued that the process is more environmentally safe in comparison to earth burials and traditional cremation.  However, the SenateRead more

Alkaline Hydrolysis Under Review by NH Senate

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Legislature voted to allow alkaline hydrolysis, a process for the disposal of human remains, by which bodies are dissolved into a liquid.  The technique, sometimes referred to as bio-cremation or resomation, uses a mixture of water and sodium hydroxide (lye), and involves heating the body at a high temperature,Read more

Digital Afterlife

With social networking becoming the primary means for many Americans to keep in touch, friends and family are now wondering what happens to these accounts when a loved one passes. Right now, there’s no simple answer to the question of how someone’s online accounts are handled after they pass. There is currently a bill withRead more