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The Pre-Dead Social Club

Dialoguing with The Pre-Dead Social Club

A unique initiative called The Pre-Dead Social Club is fostering a community where conversations about death are not just welcomed but encouraged. Founded by Laura Cleminson, the club aims to break the societal norms of silence around death, providing a space where individuals can lean in, get curious and explore one of life’s most significant certainties.

 Through her personal journey and a profound realization of the discomfort and avoidance surrounding talking about death in families, Laura has created a platform that emphasizes clarity, satisfaction and the nurturing of love and friendships through open dialogue.

Cultivating Community Through Dialogue

The Pre-Dead Social Club seeks to dismantle the taboos surrounding death. By organizing events like Death Over Drinks, Laura and her team create comfortable settings for people to gather, share, and delve into topics related to death and dying. 

“During this ‘die-a-logue,’ we take strides to normalize conversations about the thing we all have in common — we are all going to die someday,” Laura said, underlining the club’s mission to make death a part of everyday conversation.

The icebreaker questions posed at these events are designed to prompt deep and meaningful discussions. Laura illustrates, “The first icebreaker was, ‘What do you want to have done with your body after you die?’” 

Such questions open the floor to a variety of perspectives, fostering a rich dialogue among participants. Laura observed the transformative power of these discussions, noting, “People really stuck with the icebreaker question … [and leave] with a broader perspective, one topic at a time.”

Engagement with the Caregiving Community

The club also extends an invitation to professional caregivers in New Hampshire and Vermont, acknowledging their critical role in end-of-life care. Laura believes that caregivers can benefit greatly from participating in these conversations, gaining insights that could enhance their support for those nearing the end of their lives.

Expanding the Dialogue and Creative Exploration

Beyond conversation, The Pre-Dead Social Club is pioneering creative avenues for engagement with death. Events like Deadlines, a creative obituary and ode writing workshop, provide alternative platforms for expression and exploration. Laura is passionate about offering a variety of entry points into the discussion of death, aiming to meet individuals where they are in their comfort with the subject.

The Essence of Early Conversations

Central to Laura’s mission is the belief in the importance of early conversations about death. She reflects on the challenges faced when these discussions are delayed. 

“By the time we become comfortable enough, it’s often too late for meaningful conversations resulting in regret, guilt, and needless anguish for all parties,” she said. 

Through The Pre-Dead Social Club, Laura seeks to change this narrative, emphasizing the need for openness and preparedness that can transform the experience of dying into one of understanding, acceptance and peace.

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