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Honoring the Life of Pets Through Love and Loss

Pets hold a unique and irreplaceable place in our lives. They are not just animals, but cherished family members. Their departure often leaves a void as profound as the loss of a human companion. This post explores the ways we can honor our beloved creatures via a pet memorial, delving into an emotional and sometimes contentious topic.

Human and Pet Burials

The practice of interring pets alongside humans has stirred debates. Traditionalists argue that human cemeteries should remain exclusive to humans, citing the distinct sanctity of human burial grounds. However, this viewpoint is increasingly challenged by those who see no greater honor than resting eternally beside their animal companions. Here are two options: 

Life Forest in Hillsborough, New Hampshire: Life Forest sits on about 13 acres of sustainable land next to 60 acres of conservation area. The cremation burial spots are at least 50-square-feet to accommodate entire families, including pets.

Bideawee Pet Memorial Parks in Wantagh and Westhampton, New York: This institution embodies the idea of eternal care, accepting both human and pet bodies, and cremated remains for burial. The parks represent a growing acknowledgment of the deep bonds between humans and their pets.

Steps to Write a Pet Obituary

If you are grieving, one way to begin healing is writing an obituary for your beloved pet. While most online obituary services do not include pet obits alongside humans, there are websites for pet obituaries including xxx. If you are considering a heartfelt tribute to a departed pet, here are some ideas for crafting a heartfelt obituary:

  • Keep It Personal: Share stories that capture your pet’s essence. Reflect on their quirks, joys and the love they brought into your life.
  • Include a Photo: A photograph can speak volumes, offering a glimpse into the soul of your departed companion.
  • Express Feelings: Embrace your emotions. Grief, love and loss are universal feelings that resonate with others.
  • Acknowledge Their Impact: Highlight how your pet enriched your life and those around you.
  • Include Details: Mention age, breed and other specifics. These details paint a complete picture of your pet’s life.

The Unbreakable Bond

Pets undeniably enrich our lives, leaving indelible marks on our hearts. The way we choose to honor them in death reflects the love and joy they provided in life. Whether through a customized memorial or a shared final resting place, our commitment to our pets can transcend their physical presence.

Anatole France once said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This sentiment captures the essence of our connection with our pets. It’s a bond that defies the boundaries between life and death and a testament to the unyielding nature of love.

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