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Expressing Sympathy

With the ever-changing world of technology, there seems to be a disconnect between the generations of people who were taught perfect penmanship verses those born in the digital age. And with that, the days of hand-written notes of sympathy are not as prevalent today as they were a decade ago.  To that end, there are still several ways to express sympathy:

  • Flowers are still today one of the most common ways to express sympathy. Gifts of food are also almost always appreciated by the bereaved as well.
  • Memorial gifts and donations to local organizations are also effective ways of ensuring the bereaved feels supported by others.
  • Online Tributes are a way to preserve and share memories forever. In posting your sympathy message and memories to an online tribute, you are not only sending a message for the bereaved to read at this time, but since tributes are permanent, your message will be there to console family and friends through difficult times in the future.
  • A private message expressing care, through email or FaceBook is also a way to send thoughts of sympathy. We recommend sending a private message instead of posting on the wall, especially if the death is recent, and everyone may not have been told yet.
  • Hand-written notes are almost always appropriate. In our busy society, they are increasingly rare, but made more valuable because of their rarity.

Finally, your presence at services is possibly the most precious gift you could give. If you are not sure what to say in a note or in person, we suggest sharing a wonderful memory, experience or story about the deceased that is meaningful to you.

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