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Coping With An Accidental Death

Sometimes even taking all of the necessary precautions to make your life safe isn’t enough. Accidents happen and sadly sometimes result in a life being taken. Here are some tips on how to deal with accidental deaths.

Acceptance is one of the first steps in coping. Commonly, the initial reaction in hearing tragic news is denial. During this stage, there may be a feeling of “numbness” or distance. This is a defense mechanism we have, and working through this will help in grieving.

Additionally, you may feel as though you need a better understanding of what happened and how it could have been avoided. Although everyone is not the same, some may find knowing more will help them in coping, while others may feel like knowing less, makes it easier to grieve. If you find yourself focusing on how it happened and having trouble comprehending it, learning more about what happened may put you more at ease.

Lastly, although this could be very difficult, if someone’s actions effected the scenario, it’s important to deal with the feelings that you may have towards that person. Counseling is very helpful to overcome the strong emotions that you may be experiencing.

If you have experienced an accidental death of a loved one, our sympathies are with you and your family. We hope this entry helps you in finding ways to cope with your loss. There are several support groups and grief counselors that can assist you, if you would like more help.


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