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Expressing Sympathy

With the ever-changing world of technology, there seems to be a disconnect between the generations of people who were taught perfect penmanship verses those born in the digital age. And with that, the days of hand-written notes of sympathy are not as prevalent today as they were a decade ago.  To that end, there areRead more

What Happens to Metal Implants after Cremation?

Chances are, if you or someone you know has a metal implant from a surgery such as a hip or knee replacement, you probably have never thought about what would happen to that implant upon cremation. Even with temperatures in excess of 1600°F during the cremation process, metal implants withstand the heat.  At our facilities, theseRead more

History of Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s day is always observed on November 11th, and was created to honor ALL American veterans, both living and dead. It is very much intended to thank veterans for their dedication and loyal service to our country so that we ensure veterans know how much we deeply appreciate the sacrifices they have made to protectRead more

Wills & Estate Planning

The question many often ask themselves is: Do I really need to have a legal will? The simple answer is, if you have property or possessions that you would like dispersed to certain people, it would be very beneficial to have a will. Generally, upon someone’s death, if there is no will, the next ofRead more

Coping With An Accidental Death

Sometimes even taking all of the necessary precautions to make your life safe isn’t enough. Accidents happen and sadly sometimes result in a life being taken. Here are some tips on how to deal with accidental deaths. Acceptance is one of the first steps in coping. Commonly, the initial reaction in hearing tragic news isRead more

Talking To Children About Death

Talking to children about a death in the family can be one of the toughest things to do, especially if this is the first time that the topic has come up.  Death is a difficult concept for a child to comprehend, and therefore questions that they may ask can be challenging to answer. Here areRead more

Grief, Ten Years Later

For many, the grief that came as a result of the September 11th events is still present, and in some instances, the feelings are just as strong today as they were on the days following the terrorist attacks. With several events taking place across the country this weekend, as well as media paying tribute andRead more

Green Funerals

With the rise of environmental awareness, green funerals are slowly becoming more popular each year. Funeral homes, including Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium, are offering new green products and services for these types of funerals. Such services include natural burials, no embalming practices, eco-friendly coffins, organically grown flowers, and many more. For such arrangements, formaldehyde-basedRead more

Military Funerals Series – Flag folding

The life and death of a member of the military is commemorated in ceremonies and tradition. One of the more popular practices during a military funeral is the draping of the country’s flag on the casket. During the flag folding ceremony, the flag is carefully folded a total of thirteen times by six honor guards.Read more

Unique Burial & Cremation Customs – Chinese Traditions

Many Chinese people follow the belief system that the spirit of the deceased stays with the family for 7 days, and will then either go to heaven or hell, or be reincarnated. The burial of the dead is a very serious matter in Chinese culture, and it is very important that the process be handledRead more