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2022 cremation and burial report

2022 Cremation and Burial Report Highlights

The National Funeral Directors Association recently released its 2022 Cremation and Burial Report. Here are some highlights that may be of interest to you and your loved ones: The rise of cremation and decline in burial Many factors contribute to the rising selection of cremation by U.S. consumers, including cost considerations; environmental concerns; an increasinglyRead more

buddhist afterlife

Buddhist afterlife and burial in the sky

In Tibet, many people adhere to the Buddhist afterlife beliefs of resurrection. According to these beliefs, there is no need to preserve the body after death, because it is considered at that point an empty vessel. Whatever your beliefs, there are common threads binding the varied interpretations of life beyond death, many of them offeringRead more

FEMA funds still available for Covid-related deaths - Phaneuf

FEMA funds still available for Covid-related deaths

FEMA funeral assistance for families with a death from Covid-19 has been available since April 2021, yet only half of eligible families have applied for FEMA funeral reimbursement. Some families may not be aware these funds are available. FEMA authorized $2 billion toward financial assistance for families who paid funeral costs specifically related to CoronavirusRead more

trust fund for pets

Planning a trust fund for pets

Many people consider their pets fur babies and pamper them with all the love they’d give a child. But what would happen to your pet  if you were to die tomorrow? Who would take care of them, and would they be able to provide the quality of care that you would like ? A trustRead more

what is natural composition

What is natural composition

There are several alternatives to traditional cremation, such as aquamation aka water cremation, though these alternatives are only legal in  some states. What is natural composition is a question our arrangers get asked. Natural composition is also called human composting, and is currently legal in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. What is natural composition? The naturalRead more

phaneuf family foundation

Phaneuf Family Foundation performance

The Phaneuf Family Foundation launched in fall 2019 to provide funds for New Hampshire and Vermont residents who can’t afford the full cost of a funeral. After two full years of the foundation’s operation, here are some performance highlights: In 2020, the foundation was able to grant 41% of the requests it received; in 2021,Read more

new hampshire senior companions community action program

New Hampshire Senior Companions Community Action Program

Much of the news about the direct care workforce focuses on the labor  shortage and the increasing number of seniors needing care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 7.8 million job openings for direct care workers through 2026. Americans aged 85 and up will be 4.5%  of the population by 2050, according to Forbes. AnRead more

Visiting famous grave sites and celebrity graves - Phaneuf

Visiting famous grave sites and celebrity graves

Trekking the country and paying respects to prominent dead folks may not sound like everyone’s ideal vacation, but thousands of people visit famous graves every year. There are accessible celebrity graves across the U.S., including some in Massachusetts and New Hampshire if you don’t want to travel too far. Famous grave sites in MA ActorRead more

Hospice music therapy - Phaneuf

Hospice music therapy

Professional caregivers tout the benefits of hospice music therapy for patients, including the relief and release it can bring to those who are ailing and near death.  In New Hampshire, musicians  sing or play guitar, flute and other acoustic instruments at patients’ bedsides in an effort to bring them calm and relief. Some therapy musiciansRead more

Friends of Aine Needs Volunteers for Youth Bereavement Group - Phaneuf

Friends of Aine Needs Volunteers for Youth Bereavement Group

Friends of Aine is New Hampshire’s only nonprofit whose sole mission is to support grieving children, teens and families, and they urgently need  volunteers. Now, Friends of Aine operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays out of their center in Manchester. They’re ready to expand to Wednesdays, which means they’re actively seeking about 25 more volunteers. Currently,Read more