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Pandemic leaves us stuck in delayed grief

The Covid-19 pandemic has us physically stuck in our homes—but also stuck emotionally. This is especially true for anyone who had a loved one pass in recent months, whether it’s related to Covid-19 or not. There are no mass gatherings to say goodbye at funeral homes, in places of worship, in cemeteries or in familyRead more

NH group helping children grieve and grow

The ongoing pandemic raises stress and anxiety levels for most, if not all, of us — and that includes children. There’s already a shortage of mental health professionals for children, and this situation won’t help. New Hampshire has just one ongoing, full-time peer-to-peer organization helping children grieve and grow. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, itRead more

Join the Coffin Club with a DIY Coffin

The Do It Yourself (DIY) trend continues and has spread to, yes, a DIY coffin. Why would you choose to build your own casket? And is this a feasible option for your end-of-life plans? Let’s get into the details before you decide whether to become a member of a “coffin club.” Yes, that’s a realRead more

Death Cleaning Can Be a Gift for Your Family

A story that was shared with us recently got us thinking about the concept of “death cleaning.” A young woman’s grandmother died a couple years ago and here is the cautionary tale that was shared: “Grandma passed away unexpectedly after complications from a surgery. Grandpa died several years before her, after they moved from theirRead more

American Flag Etiquette

Flag Disposal is Simple, Respectful at Phaneuf

On Thursday, July 4, 2019, millions of Americans will raise the stars and stripes to its high-flying glory to celebrate the nation’s independence. While some choose to have Old Glory wave year-round, others raise the flag only for significant days on the calendar. And, when you discover your flag is tattered or damaged, retiring theRead more

Man writing obituary

How To Write A Great Obituary — Step-by-Step

Many of us do not know how to approach writing an obituary. It’s a large responsibility to chronicle someone’s entire existence in a few paragraphs, especially during a time of grieving. Obituaries provide biographical and service information to the public but can also serve as a way of saying goodbye and congratulations on a lifeRead more

American veteran flag and a rose in the cemetery

Veterans Funeral and Burial Benefits

Expanding veterans funeral benefits is the impetus of the The Burial Rights for America’s Veterans’ Efforts (BRAVE) Act of 2019 (H.R. 497/S. 598), which was introduced to Congress earlier this year. If passed, the BRAVE Act will improve existing death benefits for veterans who meet certain eligibility requirements. The act’s aim is to ensure thatRead more

Traveling for a funeral

Bereavement Resources for Traveling to a Funeral

That dreaded middle-of-the-night-call happens. Your grandfather passed away suddenly. The family wants to have a service in just a few days. You desperately want to be there to support your loved ones — and to say goodbye — but you live thousands of miles away. Travel websites have simplified many aspects of vacationing for aRead more

Mourning dolls by Flo Kane, @Flomade on Instagram

Artist Creates Victorian Mourning Dolls to Honor Death

The mortality rate in the 19th century was much higher than today, therefore children were likely exposed to death at a very young age. It wasn’t unusual for a large family - especially those on the poorer side - to experience the passing of a child. Death traditions at the time included creating an effigyRead more

Death museums

Museums Celebrate the Fascination with Death

Warning: you may faint. That sign is one of the first things you will see at the Museum of Death, a morbid curiosity seeker’s dream getaway — now with two locations. Summer vacations for some include stopping at unusual roadside attractions and out-of-the-ordinary menageries. The mysteries of death and the bizarre circumstances of some deathsRead more