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New Hampshire Alliance for End of Life Options

Death with dignity in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Alliance for End of Life Options is a grassroots organization dedicated to improving end of life experiences through education, outreach and advocacy. According to Rebecca Brown, the director of NH Alliance for End of Life Options, the organization reaches out to individuals interested in end of life care.  New Hampshire Alliance forRead more

advice for caregivers

Crucial advice for caregivers

In honor of National Hospice Month, we recognize the caregivers and the need for self-care. The Right. Rev. Mary Francis Drake urges caregivers to act both as the pillar of strength for their patients and for themselves. “Compassion takes strength, and the ability to be strong for someone else often stems from one's ability toRead more

Family owned funeral homes

Family-owned funeral homes compared to corporate-owned

Funeral homes play a crucial role in our lives by providing support during our most challenging moments. When it comes to choosing one, consider whether it’s best to choose family owned funeral homes or corporate owned. In New Hampshire, where tradition and community values run deep, this distinction carries significant weight. Understanding the funeral industryRead more

buddhist afterlife beliefs

Buddhist afterlife beliefs

In contemporary Tibet, many individuals adhere to profound Buddhist afterlife beliefs. According to these teachings, there’s no requirement to preserve the physical body after death, as it is considered an empty vessel. While these may not be your  personal beliefs, there are still shared themes uniting the diverse interpretations of existence beyond death and eachRead more

death etiquette

Death etiquette and social media

Grieving brings us together through healing and reconnecting even when it’s done virtually, such as via our live streaming option for services. But death etiquette is vital when posting condolences virtually via social media.  The informal nature of social media makes it more socially acceptable to talk about death. However, it’s a good idea toRead more

caring for yourself while caring for others

Caring for yourself while caring for others

The phrase mental health still has a stigma attached to it, though it’s slowly changing as more caregivers are open to discussing mental health with their patients and the families of patients. Caregivers may not be as open to addressing their own mental health struggles. Caring for yourself while caring for others is often aRead more

everyone dies podcast

Everyone Dies details all aspects of death and dying

Dr. Marianne Matzo, a founder of the nonprofit Everyone Dies, recently spoke at the Hospice & Palliative Care Conference hosted by St. Anselm College and the Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance of NH. The talk provided an eye-opening look at Everyone Dies, a podcast that educates people on every aspect of death andRead more

how to locate a lost life insurance policy

How to locate a lost life insurance policy

If you are tasked with handling the affairs of a deceased friend or family member, there may be a variety of logistical but necessary things to be taken care of, such as how to locate a lost life insurance policy. In addition to the many emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one, theRead more

mourning traditions

International mourning traditions

Grief that comes with losing a loved one is surprising and inescapable. Death and mourning, although universal, are treated differently across the world. Looking at other cultures’ mourning traditions may bring solace to you. Hindu mourning traditions While death may not carry the same finality for Hindu people due to their belief in reincarnation, mourningRead more

olli funeral planning seminar

OLLI funeral planning seminar

Phaneuf presents funeral and cremation planning seminars to members of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) through Granite State College. OLLI is a member-driven, volunteer-based membership program for people ages 50 and up who enjoy lifelong learning, social events and volunteer opportunities. Funeral planning for OLLI Here is an overview of the topics we cover duringRead more