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Wooden casket for green burials

What does a green burial entail?

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium is proud to be part of the ongoing and growing green burial movement for nearly 20 years. More and more consumers are understanding the potential impact the traditional burial industry has on the environment. For example, the metal equivalent to more than 700 Statues of Liberty are buried each yearRead more

Eco-friendly casket from Passages International

A Glimpse Into the Green Burial Movement

While some of us likely haven’t given much thought to how we want to leave this world, there are a lot of people in New Hampshire, the United States, and around the world who are significantly invested in developing and/or supporting the green burial movement. However, there is a great deal of confusion about whatRead more

Green Burials are growing in popularity and reduce our environmental impact.

Green Burial FAQ

Until recently, if you were looking into a green burial, your options were extremely limited. Traditional burial techniques, including embalming and caskets, were required by law. However, in a time where the environment has become more of a concern to us all, green burials are becoming the ever more mainstream choice. What is a GreenRead more

Shades of Green: Demystifying Green Burials

What is a green burial? A green burial is done with the goal of returning the body to the earth so that it can be naturally recycled through uninhibited decomposition; green burials are intended as economically sustainable alternatives to traditional funeral practices.  In most cases, the body is not embalmed and is placed in aRead more

New Hampshire Now Has A Green Cemetery

Earlier this summer, I wrote a blog on the green burial movement (or lack thereof) in New Hampshire.  While Phaneuf Funeral Homes has offered a very low cost green burial package for some time, we have had no takers.  Why not?  Well until now, there were no true green burials cemetery sites in New Hampshire.  NearlyRead more

Green Burials

I would like to continue my eco-friendly burial and cremation theme from a few weeks ago and discuss green burials.  We seem to get a few calls every month from people asking if we offer green burials. What is a green burial?  According to the green burial organization (, it is a simple and naturalRead more