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Our Most Popular Planning Resources

Simple, Straightforward and All in One Place for You

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about these three resources, so we pulled them all together in one spot to offer you quick, easy access.

Our most popular planning resources
Our Most Popular Planning Resources - Phaneuf

“Everything You Wanted to Know About THE END But Were Afraid to Ask”

This guide clarifies all the terminology around the end of life, and answers your important questions about planning, pricing and saving money.

Our Most Popular Planning Resources - Phaneuf

“Managing Digital Assets Upon Death”

Managing digital assets after a death is an important step in planning our final arrangements and those of our loved ones. This guide walks you through the steps.

Green Burial Guide

“A 21st Century Guide to Green Burials”

It makes sense to learn about green burial and green funerals as we become more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives.

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