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All of our Memorial Record packages include a register book, custom made memorial cards with color picture of deceased, memorial candle, thank you cards and pen all in a gold presentation box. Our in-house graphics department can also create custom cards, service folders, keepsake bookmarks, and provide lamination services. Please consult your funeral director forRead more


Enlightenment is a beautiful new Buddhist stationery series. The book cover features a full color image of Buddha and is skillfully embossed and gold foil stamped for impeccable detail. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more


The OM symbol depicts the sacred sound that is known generally as the sound of the universe. Om is all encompassing, the essence of ultimate reality, and unifies everything in the universe. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more


The economy book is a simple alternative to the memorial record package. The cream book is delicated embossed with "In Loving Memory" in gold lettering. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more

Crown vault

Many cemeteries require a vault to be placed in a grave prior to interment. This polymer vault is a more economical option as compared to the standard cemetery urn vault. Please note, this vault may not meet the requirements of all cemeteries. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more


The brass urn is beautifully handpainted and features a multitude of butterflies and greenery. This lovely urn is best to memorialize a loved one with a passion for the outdoors. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more

Monarch Keepsake Urn

Handcrafted and attractive Indian brass keepsake urn. This vibrant purple urn is accented with a silver band engraved with a scroll design. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more

Parchment Keepsake Urn

This beautifully handcrafted Indian brass keepsake urn is handpainted with a unique white oak tree color. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more

Redwood Keepsake Urn

Beautifully handcrafted Indian brass keepsake urn. A unique color mixture of burgundy and marigold varnish to create a warm and tasteful aesthetic. Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more

Cobalt Keepsake Urn

This richly colored blue urn features alternating thick and narrow brass bands. (out of stock) Suitable for Engraving: NoRead more