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Sheet bronze with snap down lid.
Suitable for Engraving: Call for details
Keepsake Available: Yes


Bronze Urns, Urns


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Mangowood Cremation Urn
Mangowood Urn

With its dense grains, durability and rich luster, mango wood is an easy choice when selecting an urn material. Mango wood has seen a recent rise in popularity due in large part to its sustainability and many environmentally conscious artisans are turning to the beauty and affordability of this earth-wise material....Read More

Bio Tubes Keepsake

Keepsake bio-tubes are a perfect way to create a unique scattering ceremony involving more hands-on involvement from family and friends, or as a way to split a loved one’s remains among family members to be scattered in different locations. Available in multiple designs. Designs: Autumn Woods, Bluebell Forest, Dove, Forget Me Not, Ocean Sunset, Patriot, Rose, Sunflower Fields....Read More


The brass urn is beautifully handpainted and features a multitude of butterflies and greenery. This lovely urn is best to memorialize a loved one with a passion for the outdoors. Suitable for Engraving: No...Read More


Handcrafted and attractive Indian brass keepsake urn. This vibrant purple urn is accented with a silver band engraved with a scroll design. Suitable for Engraving: No...Read More


This beautifully handcrafted Indian brass keepsake urn is handpainted with a unique white oak tree color. Suitable for Engraving: No...Read More



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