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Introducing Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium

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You may already be familiar with Phaneuf Funeral Homes’ reputation for service, responsiveness, professionalism, trust, and customer satisfaction. We are a fourth-generation, family-owned funeral home that was founded in Nashua in 1906 and has served Manchester since 1935.

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium has spent the past 87 years serving Manchester’s North End from the flagship funeral home on the corner of Hanover and Union Streets and the historic Quirin mansion on Coolidge Avenue.

We’ve worked hard for four generations and more than 100 years to become one of the most-respected funeral homes in New England.

Planning for a Death

People plan for death in different ways. Some plan ahead, some are anticipating a death in the coming weeks or months and some people have experienced a loss and need someone to help make arrangements now.

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Compassionate Service
Excellent, Caring Staff
Personalized Ceremonies
Comprehensive Offerings
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Pre-Planning Services
Strong Culture & Values
National Quality Award

As a fourth-generation family business, in business for more than 100 years, Phaneuf has a long and proud history of providing our client families with caring, compassionate service during their most difficult times. We serve families at their time of need with unique and personal celebrations of their loved ones. We also help people plan ahead, so they ensure their families are taken care of after their passing.


Many people pre-plan their funeral arrangements, going so far as to pay for those services, and then they move. Or they find out that their neighborhood funeral home is no longer owned by the same family that served previous generations. Or the funeral home their family has used for generations has closed or been acquired. Maybe your original funeral home does not provide options your family may want such as an on-site crematory, live-streaming or on-site catering. Everyone’s reason for wanting to change is different.

What happens to those arrangements? Do they simply disappear? The short answer is no. We encourage pre-planning and part of that process is ensuring that our clients can rest easy in the knowledge that transferring arrangements is not only possible, but also quite simple.

We make transferring pre-paid arrangements easy. Just share your existing contract with us, explaining what has been purchased and how it has been funded and we can set up the transfer from there. In fact, the process can be handled over the phone, if this is a more convenient option for you.

In most cases, we’re able to honor your existing arrangements with little or no adjustment to the price you paid. After all, you have taken an important step in your end-of-life planning process and that is not something that should create unnecessary hassle. Trust us to make the transfer of arrangements quick and hassle-free. Call us to discuss your existing arrangements and what your package looks like once it transfers to Phaneuf.

Buddy Phaneuf

We look forward to serving you.

Arthur O. “Buddy” Phaneuf
4th Generation Funeral Director

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