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Manage Your Online Accounts…Before It’s Too Late


On Tuesday, October 17, Phaneuf Funeral Homes held the event “Manage Your Online Accounts…Before It’s Too Late,” which received tremendously positive response from audiences in Boscawen and Manchester, New Hampshire.

With more of our lives taking place online and in “the cloud,” people have begun to wonder: what happens to our digital assets when we die? From securing online accounts to identifying legacy contacts, this presentation covers:

  • Planning ahead for digital asset management before you or a loved one passes
  • Account access options available to friends or family members of the deceased
  • Account inactivation options available upon death
  • Limitations and challenges when permissions aren’t pre-set
  • Suggestions for simplifying the management of your digital assets
  • Documents required for account cancellation permissions

You can access the PowerPoint presentation, with talking points and explanations, as well as links and resources. And, as a bonus, you can download a printable password keeper that you can use to catalog your own online accounts.