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A 21st Century Guide to Green Burials

The Cover of The Guide to Green Burials

What options do you have when deciding on the final resting place for yourself or a loved one? Is there a more “earth friendly” option, something that has less of an impact on the environment? Are there any options for those who wish to go back to basics, to return to a simpler time? More people are seeking burial options that are gentler to the earth, more “old fashioned.” They are moving away from contemporary burial practices and getting back to nature for an experience that is more personal and meaningful. This is green burial.

Green burial is not new, it was only somewhat forgotten in certain parts of the world. But families are beginning to seek an approach to death that feels more natural and meaningful, opting for biodegradable caskets and urns instead of those made of hardwoods or metal. It appeals to a wide range of individuals from those who prefer a more natural approach to life – and death – as well as those who just want something simple without all the fuss.

In these pages you will find:

  • Definition of green burial – Answers the question what is a green burial? Provided an explanation of the process and some background information.
  • Steps to take when choosing a green burial – How to find a green funeral home and green cemetery and guidance on green memorial services or religious ceremonies.
  • An orientation to green burial products – Acceptable materials for coffins as well as other green burial options.
  • Definition of green cremation – Outlines several green cremation options, including biodegradable urns.
  • How to plan ahead when you choose a green burial – Advice for planning your own green burial, including information on costs.
  • Common questions and answers about green burial – A brief Q&A that explores the legal aspects of green burial, family viewing of the body, ecological concerns, and more.

Everything you need to make your decision and begin the planning process is in this book, including a list of cemeteries in New Hampshire and Vermont that offer green burial services. If you are interested in planning a green burial, download today.

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