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Just by downloading this e-book, you have taken an important first step toward end-of-planning for yourself or a loved one.

Our goal was to make a resource that explains the many options for end-of-life services, defines the terms surrounding those services and gives you some insight into how those services are priced. While the book does contain a great deal of information, you may still have some questions after reading. If so, you can always email here or call (603) 625-5777 or 1-800-PHANEUF (742-6383) to talk to a member of our compassionate, friendly team.

You can click here to access the e-book in a PDF format at any time, too.

Here are some blog posts we have assembled for when you are ready for some additional insight into end-of-life planning:

How to Use a Funeral Planning Checklist to Customize Your Celebration:
Saving time being prepared is never a bad thing. Having a funeral planning checklist will give your loved ones an instant sense of relief knowing you made many of these decisions ahead of time. Funeral pre-planning allows you to enjoy today!

What Happens to Your Digital Assets When You Die?:
It’s important to know that leaving passwords behind so loved ones can access your account may not be enough.

Your Funeral Planning Checklist Should Include Your Pet:
There are three main things to consider when estate planning for your pets’ care as part of your funeral planning checklist.

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