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Congratulations on taking the steps that most Americans can’t manage. You made end-of-life arrangements.

There are some additional options that you may not yet be aware of:

Parting Stone

Parting Stone solidified cremated remains now available

Parting Stone worked with material scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory to develop solidified remains to empower families in their grief with a form of remains that can be touched and held.

Memorial Diamonds

Eterneva Memorial Diamonds

When people leave us physically, we could use a positive way to keep them close to us. Through a Eterneva and Phaneuf partnership, we help you celebrate your remarkable loved one by turning their hair or cremated remains into a memorial diamond.


10 Unique Cremation Keepsakes

With the cremation rate growing, it’s no surprise that people would look for new and different ways to handle cremated remains. From putting the remains in a columbarium (a mausoleum for ashes) to having them sent into space, there are a number of surprising things you can do with your – or a loved one’s – remains.

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