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Traditional Cremation

If you are considering cremation but worry about losing the more personalized aspects of a funeral, please rest assured that you are still able to include all the traditional services.

Much like with a traditional burial, we are able to coordinate with any religious authorities or help you find a humanist officiant to preside over services.

Please consider that there are numerous options for the disposition of cremated remains. For example, you may still choose to work with a cemetery for interment, scatter the cremated remains in a meaningful place, or decide to keep the urn in your family home. If you would like to discuss all of the options available to you or have questions about making arrangements, we are happy to offer you our expertise.

What does a funeral cost?

Get an estimate for funeral or cremation costs in minutes.

What are the costs associated with a traditional cremation?

Depending on your wishes, a traditional cremation is different for everyone. We created a funeral cost estimator, which allows you to choose your preferences, and generate an itemized breakdown of the cost.

Will I still be able to hold a gathering or viewing for family and friends?

Having a gathering and/or a viewing before cremation is becoming more and more common and we are equipped to accommodate any special requests that you may have.

Is there a time limit when it comes to disposition of cremated remains?

No, cremated remains may be dispersed whenever you feel it is the right time. In some cases, families take months or even years to find the perfect place to scatter or bury the ashes.

How do I receive help paying for a cremation service?

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium partners with Memorial Funding for cremation service financing assistance. Click here for more information. We know that deaths are often unexpected, and end-of-life arrangements may not have been made. However, you want to honor your loved one with a respectful farewell. Memorial Funding works with about 30 lenders, and you can apply for financing via this link. Phaneuf and Memorial Funding do not receive any compensation and do not have any say in the approval process for loans.

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Traditional Cremation - Phaneuf
Traditional Cremation - Phaneuf

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Traditional Cremation - Phaneuf